Integrated Arts Research Paper

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Art Interview

An Interview with Two Artists

Two Post-Impressionists, Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh became friends in the late 19th century in Paris, France. They lived together for a time in Arles in the famous "Yellow House," until Van Gogh fell ill and was hospitalized and Gauguin left for other parts of the world to pursue his vocation as an artist. An interview with these two painters reveals the dynamic of their relationship at this time and the essence of their craft and what they were trying to achieve through their unique approaches to painting. Both have left behind some brilliant pieces of work. This paper will discuss with them how they approached their art and how their friendship affected their painting.

Q: You both spent time in Paris. What did you gain from the art scene there?

Gaugin: "I was born in Paris, of course, and returned there after parting ways with my family. I was very much interested in the Impressionistic style all around me. I was looking for something real in life -- something that transcended the insipid reality that everyone was busy manufacturing for himself. Paris offered a glimpse -- but only a glimpse. I had to keep going further and further -- beyond the reach of urban life."

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Van Gogh: "I was embracing Impressionism and using it to reflect the world in a real way. But whether I was painting Fritillaries for a love interest or for my own does not take away from the fact that my spirit was now alive with an intensity that was as bright and fervent as my religious soul had been a decade earlier. However, my heart was not content to stay in the city: thus I traveled to Arles to study and paint the scenes and images that had inspired my early works like the Potato Eaters -- only now the same scenes and settings would be bright, alive, and soulful. I was becoming overwhelmed by the beauty and grace in nature and in people." (Johnson 607)

Q: What was your biggest inspiration?

Research Paper on Integrated Arts Assignment

Gaugin: "I can say that life itself was an inspiration. The mystery of it all. Who are we? Where are we going? My paintings address these questions because I feel they are important. We do not take enough time to properly address them. All around us is a mad rush of activity and ideas, but no or little discernment. Little reflection, meditation. I'm inspired by the idea of natural, primitive beauty."

Van Gogh: "God is the inspiration. His presence in all things, in us -- our attempt to measure up to him. It is a struggle. I see that struggle and enter into it. It is not an easy thing to do. I have been called mad by many, insane, crazy. I cut off my ear, hear voices, shoot myself. But am I crazy? I wanted to be a missionary in my younger days, but could not. Art is an outlet through which I can express what I believe needs to be said. I am a deeply religious man, of course. I am often considering the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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