Integrated Marketing Communication Term Paper

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Integrated Marketing Communications

The 5- step consumer decision-making model is very important in marketing. You just saw an ad that told you that you could purchase an energy efficient major appliance before 4/30 & receive a rebate from the government. It reminded you that you have been thinking about needing a new stove. With this being the 1st step, describe what the consumer is doing in each subsequent step & identify what marketers can do in each of the 5 steps to influence the consumer. Have at least two non-traditional marketing & two sales promotion elements that the marketer could use.

Decision Making Process

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Problem recognition -- (Consumer) Current stove is almost 20 years old, and while it is working it is not very energy efficient, especially the oven. It is old enough that it does not have any of the automatic sensing tools as well. (Marketer) Marketing responsibility at this stage is to encourage removing older, energy "hog" appliances for better performance and efficiency. Think green! Examples are advertisements that ask questions like: how can you do your part to save energy? What happens to your utility bill when you cook at home? Can you save money and be responsible by purchasing a new appliance? Television or print media most likely vehicles to impart this. Sales promotion = Offer Free Energy Audit and in-home consultation.(During energy audit have technician look at other kitchen appliances, but don't neglect water-heater, washer-dryer; in many older homes all appliances were purchased at the same time, and therefore might all need to be replaced).

2) Information Search

Internal -- Consumer looking at their ability to afford and logistics.

Term Paper on Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment

External - Which store or location for purchase. Which brand? Why, benefits and features. (Marketer) -- Work with local banks or credit unions to provide incentive financing; have better interest rates if they replace more than one appliance, offer ways to allow rebates to go directly to loan, etc. Work on extended package deals to provide incentives for total household energy savings.

3) Evaluation Alternatives -- (Consumer) -- Brand x or y, features needed, price range, time of payback (even with rebate) (Marketer) -- add on incentives, if stove, give promotional incentives purchase new microwave or refrigerator -- matching sets, etc.

4) Purchase decision -- (Consumer) -- Able to afford, attend sales event or schedule in-home consultation, choose model, sign contract, arrange for delivery -- (Marketer) -- Solidify brands with best ROI by giving consumer added reason to buy, run sales on older models, make arrangements with factor for special deals on matching sets.

5) Post purchase behavior -- (Consumer) -- Extended warranty purchase, customer satisfaction survey. (Marketer) -- Work with local chef or cooking schools to offer free classes on using new appliances; seminars in cooking x, y, or z; prizes and make the events seem extra special because of purchase. Enhance reasons for extended warranty. Offer stickers that indicate "Certified Energy Savings Household."

State clearly what the goal of the ad is. What are you trying to accomplish. Market to whom for what purpose? Purpose of Program is to families that cannot afford higher-priced destination spots that Houston can provide what they need.

Determine the most effective ad, based on each ad development process element & explain why you selected what you did.

What are at least 3 features & the associated benefits?

Saving money - while still providing a vacation for the family

Education as a game -- Make a game out of discovering Houston

Teaching children alternatives -- have children plan the daily vacation and budgets, turn this over to them as an educational activity.

What would your positioning statement be? (Think headlines or major key ad message)

Did you know____ was right here in Houston? (Campaign designed to enhance information about Houston). The blank gets filled in with any number of facts based on the participants, all designed to make consumers proud of their city.


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