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The latter helps company to better assesses the response of consumers. It is more economical as it is selective in its audience. The creation of promotional messages is easier as companies are well informed of characteristics and needs of their audience. Reckitt Benckiser uses this form of promotion especially for its pharmaceutical products such as Gaviscon, Bonjela, Temgesic (injections and tablets) and new ones. The cards explaining the products, along with the samples are mailed to doctors. However, as it is strategy used by most pharmaceutical companies n it can very confusing, annoying and difficult for doctors to examine all of them and respond to them. Hence, Reckitt Benckiser may not always get its desired amount of response.

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Another form of promotion is personal selling, whereby a member of the sales team of the company tries to persuade and sell a product directly, in a person -- to person contact. The advantages of this method, are that it allows the seller to better explain, persuade a product and answer any questions that consumer might have. In this way, the seller is able to get immediate feedback. Members of sale teams of Reckitt Benckiser visit doctors and chemist (for pharmaceutical products) and general shopkeepers to explain their news products and sell and examine the sale of the old products. On visiting, they also might offer bulk buying discounts to general buyers and give-aways to doctors such as prescription pads, calendars, thermometers etc. This helps them build a better relationship with their consumers. The disadvantages, however, are that these methods may not encouraged by the buyers and requires a great communication skills on sellers' part, because the entire selling depends upon the sellers' skills and attitude which may not be consistent and affect or hamper the image of the products being promoted.


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