Integrated Marketing Communications Program Research Proposal

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Life Potential Maximization Industries (LPMI) - Introduction and Company Overview: The Life Potential Maximization Industries (LPMI) was founded in 2008 by William Murray, a retired private high school principle. Its primary mission is to help individuals identify the best possible academic and career field choices. In principle, the purpose of LPMI programs is to give every school-aged child the opportunity to achieve the maximum satisfaction in life by identifying the best use of talent and the greatest prospect for long-term vocational fulfillment. During his long career as an educator, advisor, school board member, parent, and principal, Dr. Murray noticed that modern middle and high school curricula do not devote sufficient attention to the most natural talents and abilities of many children.

According to Dr. Murray, "The contemporary school curriculum burdens many students with subject matter that is of too little practical value to them for it to be emphasized in their curriculum..."

Dr. Murray continues, "... The current system is well suited to provide a varied educational experience for students who have no particularly strong school-related interest and it teaches basic skills very well. But it is much less well-suited to adapt to the needs of students who begin to exhibit likely specific interests by the end of middle school or middle of high school.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Proposal on Integrated Marketing Communications Program Assignment

All too often I saw children and adolescents frustrated by traditional academic requirements and lose interest in school by virtue of prolonged mandatory emphasis away from their most natural talents and interests instead of facilitating those interests. Primary education is absolutely responsible for ensuring that students learn basic adult skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic, and secondary education should inspire intellectual and scientific curiosity, and logical reasoning. But one of the most important goals of modern education is to help students discover their talents and pursue their interests as early as they first become apparent. In that regard, once students have met the necessary standards in basic skills, they must be allowed to substitute any areas of genuine academic interest (or merely potential interest) for mandatory foreign languages or mathematics, or any other traditional academic subject to which they have already been exposed sufficiently long to know they have no interest in. Dr. Murray explains further, that he can think of hundreds of students by name who eventually pursued vocational success and fulfillment precisely in the academic and quasi-academic areas that occupied their attention so much in high school that it contributed substantially to their failure to perform adequately in their assigned course material. The objective of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Integrated Marketing Communication Program Marketing Plan

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