Integrated Marketing Communications Program Research Proposal

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Marketing - Communications Plan

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Press Release #1 is scheduled to appear in local, regional, and national print news papers on March 1, 2009 with continual periodic repeats and appropriate updates throughout the five-month period preceding the formal opening of the venture. The press release series will also provide excerpts for publication in connection with various Internet vehicles as well as to generate advertisement copy for delivery via terrestrial and satellite broadcast radio.

Press Release:

August 1, 2009 marks the official opening of Life Potential Maximization Industries (LPMI), a cutting-edge new business venture designed to allow today's students a tremendous advantage in the realm of their future careers. The LPMI program integrates the capabilities of several advanced computer-based technologies to define the optimal course of academic focus for participating students to enable them to identify the optimal combination of their areas of greatest academic potential and personal interests.

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According to CEO and former high school principal, William Murray, the LPMI concept goes far beyond merely identifying academic potential: "We're not interested in telling students what areas of academics they 'should' or 'shouldn't' be studying. What LPMI does is help students identify the areas of academic pursuit that best match both their interests and their natural abilities to help them select an academic course of study that is most compatible with their natural preferences and tendencies... The program fully takes into account the importance of minimizing the likelihood of burnout that can often occur when people choose academic majors the traditional way."

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Integrated Marketing Communications Program Assignment

The LPMI program uses a complex series of diagnostic tests, personality profiles, high-tech retinal scans, and even genetic testing to determine with great precision which potential academic and employment fields will be most rewarding for the student, taking into account factors that normally do not manifest themselves until it is too late to make substantial changes without considerable difficulty and practical complications. "Ultimately, if a student would have eventually lost intellectual interest and drive in a field like finance or law, the LPMI program can distinguish between areas of academic interest suitable only to be natural academic ability from areas of potential interest suitable by virtue of both ability and long-term psychological fulfillment long before those types of behavioral aspects of vocational satisfaction normally come to light," says Murray.

Life Potential Maximization Industries provides a comprehensive information packet on its website at

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