Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies (IMC) Consist Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communications strategies (IMC) consist of communicating a consistent and positive message at all contact points. IMC has grown in importance for several reasons. First, IMC allows a firm to foster long-term relationships with customers. Give an example of a company that implements IMC. What do they do well? What should they improve? Explain and justify your answer.

The Walt Disney Company's planning, coordinating, executing and monitoring of their Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategies are among the best in the world. Disney integrates marketing communications strategies at the content, character, messaging and visual levels deliberately to increase cross-selling and up-selling of their merchandise. Their near-obsession with excelling at IMC strategies is directly tied to the company's need to continually gain incremental revenue to fuel their growth (Corporate Executive Board, 2001). Disney in fact perfected IMC strategies from an entertainment standpoint and is taking these lessons learned online with digital content (Schmelzer, 2005). This can be seen in Disney Online, their many microsites and the global reach the company has in Asian and European markets. Disney has been able to successful implement the model shown in Figure 1.

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For all the areas Disney excels at in planning, executing and monitoring their IMC strategies they have failed miserably in other cultures including France and initially in Hong Kong (Balfour, Einhorn, 2009) (Marr, Fowler, 2006). In the case of EuroDisney, Disney company senior management often brought in seasoned Disney executives from the U.S., who clearly did not understand the local culture, needs of employees or even the preferences for food and concessions (Curwen, 1995). Disney is often considered highly ethnocentric in the marketing communication and expansion strategies as a result of the initial failure of Euro Disney and the many challenges of getting Disneyland Hong Kong up and running. For global IMC strategies to be effective they must compensate exceptionally well and transparently to the needs of each individual culture (Balmer, Greyser, 2006). Clearly the Walt Disney Company struggles with this.

2. Importance of Communications Program Objective Setting. Does Bates Manor Furniture have a communication objective? What should it be? How will communications objectives assist in prioritizing promotion tools and budget setting?

Bates Manor Furniture has the primary objective of driving up awareness and nurturing the entire AIDA model to generate sales leads that can be transformed into new customers and revenue. The company however has taken too broad of an approach with their communications objective setting and as a result has not been able to attain its objectives. What is needed is more of a targeted communications program… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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