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Integrated Marketing Communication - IMC has been the buzzword of present day marketing concept, which is devised to employ all aspects of marketing communication like advertisement, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing in unison, instead of making each of these of work in isolation. (Integrated Marketing Communication- Definition)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Integrated Marketing Communications Assignment

Ford Motor Company with global sales exceeding $170 billion is steadfastly positioned as one of the biggest makers of cars and trucks, with a sale of nearly 7 million vehicles across the world. The intricacies of running businesses spanning across continents, in multiple languages and across several time-zones make crucial challenges for Ford. The entire workforce of the company is geared towards the upkeep of high-profile brands who take part in the routine business of designing new products, providing a solution to the distribution issues and coordinating the marketing exercises and advertisement programs. Being a company of international stature focused on providing superior values to its customer, the Ford management team is all the time determined to improve the manner in which it designs and delivers products to its global customer base. (Ford Motor Company -eRoom enables Ford to drive into new technology) fully Integrated Marketing Communications campaign was unveiled by Ford during the launching of 'Mercury' -a North American brand of the company. "New Doors Opened" which featured the liveliness of the Mercury brand into the routine discoveries of modern life, the advertisement campaign grasps the substance of consumer life stages with a fresh new print and broadcast creative campaign. "New Doors Opened" is the most extensive marketing campaign in the history of the company which was created for launching of six new products in a span of four years including launch of Mercury Mariner which is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle - SUV and the Mercury Montego, which is a new midsize sedan. In the opinion of Tom Gill, Marketing Communications Manager at Ford the new products give them the opportunity to redefine their brand- which would enable them to launch products which are progressive. New Doors Opened will re-launch the Mercury brand of Ford to consumers to represent the brand's smooth fit into the daily moments of discovery which exist in life. A strategic decision was taken to use the Internet in an unprecedented manner thereby contributing about 25% of the total communications budget to digital and customer relationship events that comes to be a significant commitment while it is compared to earlier launches. (Mercury Opens New doors with Fully Integrated Consumer Lifestyle Brand Campaign)

Subsequently Ford started a new chapter of 'Built Ford though with the new F-150 which was arriving in the dealer showrooms throughout the nation. An integrated television, print and outdoor campaign was launched as also a widespread marketing communications plan for the 2004 F- 150. The advertisement spectacularly shows the class-leading abilities and characteristics of the 2004 model F-150 showing that the Ford has again set a new standard. Besides, the F-150 is receiving the largest and the most comprehensive marketing launch in the history of launch of new products. A multimedia tease campaign as a part of four 15-second ads will give the viewers a slender glance of the next F-150 through imagery and sound. The tease TV ads will be complemented by an Internet banner ad campaign and full-page ads. (Ford unveils unprecedented advertising, marketing campaign for all-new 2004 F-150)

Ford tied up with web portal Yahoo for developing and implementing an online marketing campaign. Under this new relationship Ford will capitalize Yahoo's ingenious Fusion marketing program to expand its reach to online consumers by way of promotional campaigns, targeted advertisement and direct marketing activities. Yahoo's fusion marketing approach mixes integrated sales and marketing programs with online… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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