Integrated Marketing of Mc Donald Dissertation

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¶ … enrollment for a Masters degree in marketing communication, I never knew that the concept of marketing can be both intriguing and fulfilling and yet complex in terms of knowledge gained. The process of completing various marketing assignments and in particular the development of an integrated marketing plan for McDonald's has left me a very knowledgeable person with the ability to solve various marketing problems using the latest and best approaches available.

Recollection of experiences

In the process of completing my dissertation, I had to go through several steps. Some of the steps I went through were fulfilling while others were very challenging. I opt to start with the challenges since most of these challenges presented themselves at the beginning of the dissertation process. The first challenge is that I never knew where to start. This is because my previous experience in dissertation writing was not adequate to complete a dissertation for a Masters Degree program. The dissertation that I had to write had more components than any that I had every written. The fact that the field of marketing has so many topics meant that I had several topics to choose from which made it extremely difficult to narrow down to an item which is achievable. The other challenge that I faced in the initial stages of the dissertation process is the difficulty in knowing what was achievable within the available timeframe.

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The other challenge that I faced in the process of writing my dissertation was gaining access. The process of gaining access to both primary and secondary data proved to be extremely challenging. The process was time consuming. This is because I had to collect primary and secondary data from a diverse range of data sources, people as well as organizations. The process of data collection proved to be more time consuming than I originally expected.

Dissertation on Integrated Marketing of Mc Donald Assignment

While writing the dissertation, I was subjected to immense time pressures. The dissertation had to me completed within a specific time period. This means that I had to plan and complete it within the provided time frame. The funny thing is that at the beginning of the dissertation process, I felt strongly that I had enough time to accomplish the task. However, at the time of the write up, and especially towards the end of the process of writing the dissertation, I realized that I had really little time left. It therefore goes without saying that long nights were inevitable. I realized that the process of balancing the dissertation write up with my other assignments deadlines was particularly tricky and taxing. I went through several unavoidable delays especially due to the difficulties in the process of gaining access to the resources/research materials as well as the organization under study, Wal-Mart. There were also challenges in the process of analyzing the data obtained.

The dissertation process exposed me to new and improved learning techniques/skills. Even though I have written several other essays as well as performed other shorter literature reviews, the dissertation proved to be little bit more complicated and deep. I had to learn the techniques of integrated marketing that can best assist McDonalds compete effectively in the dynamic and highly competitive fast-food market. I also had to learn research methods that are necessary for completing a literature review as well as an integrated marketing approach. The dissertation writing process also left a little dent in my pockets. This is because I had to commit some money towards the acquisition of the information that was necessary for completing the dissertation.

Even though I faced several challenges, I managed to overcome them using various techniques that I learnt from my advisors. My main focus was to secure excellent access to the integrated marketing materials and in particular, the ones related towards the marketing of food products in a retail setting. I then had to narrow down and set research objectives that are achievable. While narrowing down on my research objectives, I was constantly faced with the danger of having a very broad base of discussion. I however managed to overcome this by seeking technical as well as academic advice. I also never hesitated in contacting other experts whenever I got 'stuck'. Otherwise, I managed to effectively write the dissertation on a chapter-by-chapter basis until I finished the task.

While executing the dissertation process, I must admit that I came to learn several things as a consequence of the challenges that I faced and overcame. I learnt that time management is a crucial element of the dissertation process. This concept became engrained in me thereby making me a more efficient individual in regard to time management. The process of completing the literature review also enabled me to acquire the necessary skills necessary for successfully carrying out a critical review as well as analysis. I also acquired skills that are necessary for bridging the existing theory into general practice. The dissertation process also enabled me to acquire skills for dealing with people as well as organizations. The other skill that dissertation process allowed me to acquire is the ability to work and operate independently over extended periods of time. I also managed to learn the skills necessary for 'selling' things that I am interested in to research participants, organizations as well as to academics.

While preparing my dissertation on the integrated marketing for McDonalds, I realized that organization is the key to maintaining sanity in the dissertation process. I do believe that the dissertation process reflects to a larger extent on an individual's sense of perseverance as compared to his/her level of intelligence. I realized that ne way of promoting as well as ensuring a high level of perseverance is organization. One must be organized to effectively complete a dissertation. In regard to organization, I learnt several ways of managing the dissertation process. Some of the key skills and application that I learnt include how to effectively manage writing schedules, maximization of reading time, comprehending my role as a scholar, creation of writing boundaries, structural shortcuts as well as the organization of writing supplies. The creation of writing schedules that are manageable assisted me to be efficient. The paradox is that I realized that when deciding on what to complete the following day or in the following week, one should never aim at completing the tasks entirely. In other words, one should never aim at completing all items on their "to do" list as this may render them unproductive. What one ought to do instead is to expand and improve the "to do" list at the end of the day while formulating a clear agenda for the upcoming writing session. Through this process, one will have the knowledge of exactly where to begin on the basis of their experiences. I realized that I could save up to 30 minutes very day. While completing the dissertation, I realized that I have a time of the day when I am most productive. The most productive time of the day was when I was able to complete the chosen content area. The strategy that I employed was to focus on the rather minutiae details of formatting as well as editing of the portions of the work that required less energy as well as concentration.

In order to effectively manage my time, I employed what I refer to as a 'what if' articles. These articles comprises of reading materials that is highly impressive to my study and that I keep with me in the event that I have some free time. I read these articles while in non-=moving traffic jams, during a doctor's appointments or basically when I was relaxing somewhere away from my study room.

While completing my dissertation, I embraced the concept of humility as a virtue. This is because while undertaking my Masters programme courses, I noticed that the feedback from my academic advisors/professors was a true reflection of the level of expectations that they had in my work. While completing the dissertation, I realized that the feedback that I received from my professors were scholarly. At first, I was never ready for the kind of intense and yet constructive criticism that they subjected me to. Later on, I managed to learn how to accept positive criticism/comments as well as probing questions.

In order to complete my dissertation, I had to obtain numerous copies of similar dissertations in regard to structural format. The content area was also another aspect of the dissertation that I emulated from other dissertations. This is not to say that I borrowed the idea. What I borrowed was the format of presenting the ideas. In the process of doing so, I carefully reviewed the manner in which the various authors introduced their research questions, the information which was included in their references and appendices as well as how the different chapters were connected to each other. The other thing that I reviewed is how the research findings were explained. In a nutshell, this process involved the critical examination if each and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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