Integrating Fingerprint Verification Article Critique

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The background of this research article does not provide any of the aforementioned aspects. It simply begins with an introduction on biometrics and their use in health care. A positive aspect about the background is that it identifies and defines the different modules that will be used in the research and gives a glimpse of the aim of the research which is to integrate fingerprint verification in to smart cards.

Since there is no proper thesis statement provided in the introduction or the background, it is rather hard to link the remaining parts of the paper with the title. Much of the paper discusses ways in which the fingerprint verification technique can be implemented and the different strategies and scenarios which are analysed give an idea of how this will happen. But without the thesis one cannot tell whether the author's reasons are supporting the thesis or completely rejecting it.

The thesis statement is provided in the conclusion. While this is a positive aspect, having placed it in the introduction would have made the understanding of the article more clear. Presence of the thesis statement in the conclusion only will force the reader to go back and read the article once again. Though there is nothing wrong with that, it is not appropriate.

The grammar and punctuation that was used in the research article was appropriate. However in many places the use of the word 'we' was found. Using words which show personal opinions are not very acceptable.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Critique on Integrating Fingerprint Verification Into the Assignment

There were many flaws with the continuity and logical layout of the article and ideas seemed to be jumping from one end to another. In a nutshell the authors failed to clearly state the purpose of their research i.e. initially give a proper thesis and they were unable to correctly title the article. Thoughts were jumbled. There was a haphazard arrangement of sentences in many places. For example, in the introduction the author was describing the Gemalto Cryptofelx and its features and suddenly jumped to ways of obtaining patient data from hospital databases. There was no logical progression from one paragraph to the other. Also, in one place the author mentions that security with large data is regarded as higher than that with small data. This sentence is very vague. It does not clearly mention how larger data is higher than small data. The sentence doesn't seem to make sense. The author has also made several assumptions in section 4 of the article and has given personal opinion when he added that they are reasonable for particular reasons. The assumptions are not properly justified. However, one particular strength of this article was the conclusion. Everything that was missed out throughout the other areas of the research article was mentioned. In other words, the conclusion was written quite well. The thesis statement was present, along with the results of the analysis which helped sum up the different methods of fingerprint verification implementation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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