Intelligence and Security Agencies Work Essay

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¶ … intelligence and security agencies work closely with decision makers, or should they be insulated from them?

Intelligence and security agencies verses decision-makers

The growing trends in the international security platforms continue to warrant increasingly comprehensive security details all over the world. Countries are in the run towards securing their sovereignty and ensuring the safety of their resources, land and people. It is not something of the recent as over the years, since the inception of revolution, which saw the age of colonization and struggle for independence, countries still had their security detail, responsible for maintaining order within the country and securing its borders and establishing the sovereignty of the nation (Great Britain, 2010, p. 370). These organized groups of people that had the ammunition for securing the interests of the country, the leaders and their people, is what later came to be the intelligence service in countries all over the world. As time progressed, the intelligence services of the country had many obligations, and as the business world would have it for efficiency, the government borrowed the art of specialization of skills (Intelligence & Security Committee, 2008, p. 6.7). This later saw the establishment of various sections in the security department of the country, leading to the establishment of various sections in the military, including both private and public security agencies in most developed nations across the globe.

Therefore, the current world affairs in matters of security in most countries depend on specialized units within the armed forces and some in the private sector that run the intelligence services for the country. The intelligence services are remarkably crucial sections of any country, and this is the reason most countries invest significant resources in establishing the security details for their country. Such countries, note the significance of their security in relation to their peace and coexistence in this world, of survival for the fittest, thus, establishing security agencies and intelligence services that are competitive, competent and remarkably swift in action (Great Britain, 2006, p. 560). A good illustration of such countries that invest significantly in their security is the governments of British and the United States of America. In these nations, security is a paramount aspect to the leaders and the citizens equally; thus, they all invest their time, ideas and resources to see that they have the security detail and intelligence services that are up to standards in their operations. The intelligence services in these countries do not leave a thing to chance; hence, the reasons they earn the position at the top of the chart rating for intelligence services around the globe that are most effective and efficient.

The security agencies and intelligence in these countries form formidable teams that are worth emulating for any other country, including the developing countries, in their endeavor to reach the super-powers in terms of their intelligence service towards securing their nations, especially in this era of increased insecurity from varied aggressors. Peace is paramount to prosperity and progression, as well as, existence, and as such, most nations live in fear and terror over whom their friends and enemies are (Straw, 2008, p. 421). Therefore, the intelligence service is part of the authorized government section of security that has the mandate to establish and gather information, analyze and exploit it for use in the process of maintaining law and order, in conjunction with the law enforcement departments, the national security, defense forces and foreign policy enforcers. Thus, the intelligence service in the United States of America and Britain have the significantly heavy mandate of establishing the security of the country, as the other security sections in the country, including the military and police.

The intelligence service in both counties has the following responsibilities towards security of the country. In the national governments, the intelligence service is distinct from the military and police of the country, but they all work together under the ministry of security and defense, both from internal and external threats to the country. Therefore, the intelligence service in the country has varied areas of operation that assist in running the affairs of security of the country. Among the responsibilities of the security intelligence, also called domestic intelligence in these two nations, the United States of America and Britain, include the following. The first is the collection of information regarding the security status of the country (Schnurr, 2013, p. 85). The intelligence department gathers all the information that passes as necessary towards the security of the country, including carrying out investigative responsibilities to ascertain the threat. Thus, the intelligence service in the country is responsible for gathering information required by the security departments of the country, including the defense and the internal security to ensure safety and security of their country. The second responsibility of the intelligence service in these countries is that of analyzing areas and information that is of relevance to the national security.

The security of the country varies as threats emanate from varied aspects. Therefore, the intelligence service has the responsibility of establishing such areas where the threat emanates and analyzing the situation on the ground. This way, they gather information and after gathering the information, they take it for analysis by their specialists before presenting it to the national security departments for action. Thus, the second and significant role of the intelligence services is to analyze the information in areas of relevance towards national security of the country. Another responsibility of the intelligence service is that of serving the national and international crisis management. The increasing insecurity within and outside the borders of most countries constitute a significant threat to the security of the country. As such, the United States of America and Britain realize the significance of having the department responsible for assessing the situations of security both within the confines of their borders and outside to establish the intentions of the current and potential opponents. Most aggressors of insecurity are usually people or governments and groups that may not be easily identifiable; thus, the intelligence services require high-level skills in meeting this responsibility, of managing crisis as it happens or before it even happens (Sales, 2010, p. 74). The intelligence service can and should foresee the potential threats to the security of the country and inform the responsible security department for action. Therefore, the security of the country in actual sense is upon the shoulders of the intelligence service, as the role of the other departments is enforcing law and maintains order, and securing the sovereignty of the country.

Additionally, the intelligence service is responsible for informing the national defense and military planning in their operations. The military and defense forces work in conjunction with the intelligence service towards the security of the country and the details concerning their activity. The planning process of the military action relies upon the intelligence services, as the intelligence is responsible for collecting and analyzing significant information concerning the security of the country (Sinnar, 2013, p. 67). Therefore, after the intelligence service analyses the information, it presents it to the defense and military departments for planning and action. Therefore, in view of the weight of the information presented, the intelligence service works with the other security departments to oversee the action plan of the departments in combating the rising situation in the security of the country. The security of the country is sometimes a matter of high secrets, a factor that continues to raise heated debates with politics and other bodies such as the civil society and human rights bodies across the globe. However, these debates fail to realize that the sensitivity regarding security in a country is a matter of grave importance and needs handling with a lot of caution. Therefore, in this view of the sensitivity of its activities, the intelligence service is responsible for protecting sensitive information details especially pertaining to their sources, the plans of the defense and military departments and other agencies of security in the country to prevent panic and falling into the hands of the enemy easily (Prunckun, 2010, p.231). The intelligence service keeps the details and documents regarding the security of the country safe and secure form all misappropriations and unauthorized access that would damage the security of the country.

Moreover, the intelligence service has the mandate to act in favor of the interests of their governments, by influencing the outcome of events to favor their national and international security interests. This way, they support the activity of the other security y forces responsible for the actual combat of threats, by influencing the conditions of events to favor their side. Lastly, the intelligence service has the role of counter-intelligence. Counter intelligence entails securing the efforts of the national intelligence from the threat of the other intelligence services of other countries that may want to act against the country. Therefore, the intelligence service has a significant impact and role in the security detail of the country (Hewitt, 2010, p. 118). This is the reason most countries keep their intelligence… [END OF PREVIEW]

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