Intelligent Design and Evolution Theory Essay

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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Arguing for Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design (ID) is a process that advocates believe explains the features of the universe. In the theory of ID, the features of the universe had to have been created by an intelligent source, "…not [by] an undirected process such as natural selection," according to the Center for Science & Culture. By analyzing the components of a system, a scientist can theorize as to whether the "natural structures" seen in the universe are the product of natural law, pure chance, or intelligent design -- or perhaps a combination of all three. Scientists working with the ID theory are always searching for objects that have similar properties as other objects found that do indeed provide information on their intelligent origins.

Unlike creationism, ID does not claim that "…modern biology can identify whether the intelligent cause detected through science is supernatural"; and moreover, the "scientific method" known as intelligent design involves observations, hypothesis, experiments and conclusions, like any other scientific method of research (Discovery Institute).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Intelligent Design and Evolution Theory Assignment

There can be no argument to negate ID when observing the eye of a snapping turtle for example; the turtle's eye could not have evolved in a "stepwise fashion" because it is made of several interacting parts, and removing one part among the several would "cause the entire system to cease functioning" (Discovery Institute). The eye of the turtle must have been created at one time. As for the Cambrian explosion 530 million years ago, there was a sudden appearance of biological diversity that could not possibly have appeared in a step-by-step process such as Darwin described. For example, the predatory Anomalocaris (a large, aggressive shrimp-like creature) appeared (according to fossil records) in a very short time frame. How can evolutionists explain the sudden appearance of the Anomalocaris?

Arguing for Evolution

First of all, with regard to the eye of the snapping turtle, and other vertebrates, Don Prothero, a paleontologist at Occidental College and an author of books on evolution, claims there have been "multiple, well-documented" empirical research papers that show how "complex structures like… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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