Discussion and Results Chapter: Interdisciplinary Social Science Sociology

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[. . .] The weakness of some theories could be strengthened when used in combination with complementary or even obscure approaches. Use of this approach would at least rejuvenate the persistence to overcome and resolve social problems.

2. What can the results for this survey be used for? Who is likely to use this data? What are some of the limitations of this questionnaire and the data collected from it?

The results of the survey could be used for collecting data about residents. It may prove useful if trying to understand demographics of regions. There are a number of federal and state agencies that would find this data useful. Ethnographers and even real estate professionals may be interested in this information. Even lawyers who deal with property laws and/or taxes may be interested in this data.

There are a great deal of limitations to this data. The survey is very rigid. There is not much room for detail or nuance. The data and possibly the data analysis does not account for people who do not fill out the surveys, yet are still citizens and residents. Some of the language is antiquated and not politically correct, or respectful. The questionnaire does not care or value much information outside of class and race. It is as if the Census Bureau is telling users that those are the only facts that matter, or at least matter to the government to constitute a person being "counted."


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