Interest: A Research in Human Resource Management Research Proposal

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¶ … interest: A research in human resource management department.

Dissertation title: Challenges posed by technological advancement in an organization.

The role of human resource department cannot afford to be ignored in any organization. The complexity of the job market today, poses a great challenge to any organization. Additionally, aging workforce calls for organizations to constantly organize refresher program with an aim of improving the workforce skills and knowledge. Occasionally, the aging employees are replaced by young and energetic people who lack enough work experience.

Technological advancement too poses a big challenge to the human resource department. Employee requires keeping up-to-date with the rising trends. Organizations require upgrading their systems to be with inline with the market trends. This requires the human resource departments to frequently carry out surveys that enable their respective organizations know the relevant manpower resources. The world today, is a perceived to be a global village, an idea that given rise to multicultural workforce in organizations. Occupational and safety concerns in an organization require underlying measures be well implemented so safeguard workers from any risks that may risk at the workplace.

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This purpose of this study is to carefully analyze the challenges raised by technological advancement in an organization. The study will seek to understand the extent to which human resource department is involved is minimizing the challenges. To be able to achieve this objective, a number of data collections methodologies will be involved. The proposal recommends several data analysis methods to facilitate in the production of the survey's outcomes.

Results from initial review of the literature

The key authors in this field/subject area

The main authors in this subject include Saunders M. Lewis and P. Thornhill in their book Research Methods for Business Students. The book has given a good outline research methodology. It has outline all aspects required to carry out a successful research.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Interest: A Research in Human Resource Management Assignment

The main debates on the challenges posed by technological advancement

Technological advancement calls for frequent change in the use of current technology for within a short duration it is regarded as obsolete. Old technology prevents an organization from acquiring a competitive edge. Emerging technologies has resulted to certain norms such as telecommuting, telework and remote reporting. This means that workers can remotely work from their home unlike the traditional way where by workers had to report to the office. These technologies advocate for flexible work schedules and the human resource department has to adopt means of accommodating it. For this type of arrangement to succeed, there has to be mutual agreement between the workers and the employer. Despite the challenges encountered by technological advancement, there are some advantages that are realised as a result of their implementation. Data managed is made easier and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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