Intermediate Sanctions? Essay

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Chapter 10.

How is restorative justice different from traditional justice approaches?

The restorative justice is the newly preferred justice system since it does not just concentrate on the punishment of the crime and making the offender feel the pain physically but looks further into the psychological disposition of the offender after the punishment period. It strives to reduce crime rather than punish crime by rehabilitating the offender to be able to integrate back into the society while shunning crime.

How is community service used as a correctional tool?

Community service is one of the community correction facilities available with the offender made to do a specified amount or hours of manual work as a punishment to the wrongs they did. This impacts on them psychologically as the odd ones who work for no pay, but as a means of paying for their wrongs hence would not want to do the error again.

How do monetary restitution and community service differ? How are they alike?

Monetary restitution involves an agreed and written monetary compensation of the direct victim of the crime committed by the offender yet on the other hand, community service involves the offender providing labor or doing work that benefits the community in general. In terms of similarities is that the offender gets to sacrifice something and the other party benefits, be it an individual or the general public, the other concept is that they are both correction forms applied mostly to juvenile offenders.

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Why don't more judges use fines as intermediate sanctions?

More judges are shunning the use of fines especially on the juvenile offenders since it is their parents who pay and the juvenile feels no pain or loss for them not to repeat the crime. The other aspect if that the laws are such that the fines are not hefty or punitive and the offenders and their families can easily afford them hence losing the essence of crime prevention.

Chapter 11

What was the English ticket-of-leave and how did that compare with the marks system?

TOPIC: Essay on Intermediate Sanctions? Over the Last Assignment

A ticket of leave was a document that well behaved convicts received as they were sent to Australia from England. This document gave them the leverage to source for work and not stay in incarceration while in Australia. However they could not move from area to area without written permission from the court. On the other hand the marks system meant a convict stayed in custody until they acquired a particular level of credits, failure to which they continued serving till they achieved it. The marks were set according to the gravity of the crime.

Why did England transport convicts to America and Australia? What was the connection between transportation and parole?

The English transported convicts of heinous crimes like murder to America and Australia as a way of banishment and getting rid of them. It was due to the overpopulation in the jails and also as a reduction of chances of the convicts ever returning. The transportation and parole were linked in that as a way of showing forgiveness to the offender he was transported to a foreign land.

What role does parole play in the 21st century?

The parole system is very suitable in this century with the increase [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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