Internal Environment Assessement Jackson Memorial SWOT

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JMH has experienced numerous problems as a result of serving such a large uninsured population. In addition to the expenses described previously, when the hospital serves as the major point of access for health care for the uninsured, it forces people to go to hospitals for care that may better be delivered in physicians' offices or other non-hospital locations-for example, by having strep throat infections treated in local hospital emergency rooms. Although providing an important safety net for the uninsured and underinsured, is not by itself adequate to meet the needs of these groups. The surtax was created as a mechanism for ensuring access to hospital care for those who cannot afford to pay and for spreading the burden of uncompensated care equitably. Uncompensated care includes both free care to people with limited incomes and reimbursement for bad debts for which the hospitals have not been able to collect the full amount owed. Yet it ultimately falls short in at least two ways. First, it does not solve the access problem of the amount of uninsured residents. Second, the financing places an unfair burden on taxpayers. These shortcomings have caused a growing desire for realistic solutions.

7) Information- Describe the internal information systems

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The hospital's internal information system focuses on a smooth and protected flow of information between personnel and departments. It also focuses on the proper storage of information that is easily retrievable by authorized personnel, but very difficult or impossible for non-authorized personnel to retrieve. Analyses are performed regularly to determine which departments and personnel require access to which types of data. The hospital uses state of the art hardware and software technology to ensure the smooth flow of information, as well as the ultimate security and privacy of information, within the internal information systems.

8)Intelligence-Is there a system for obtaining strategic information outside the organization

TOPIC: SWOT on Internal Environment Assessement Jackson Memorial Assignment

The organization conducts regular "environmental scans" to determine how the hospital is positioned in its environment and with respect to competitors, how the environment is currently structured and how it is changing, what new developments may affect the environment in the future (like emerging technology), and what strengths and weaknesses the hospital has to provide services given these trends. The overall goal is to develop a picture of how the hospital stacks up against the competition and how prepared it is to deal with upcoming change and trends in the health care industry.

9) SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a basic analytical tool in management that has become popular in recent years. SWOT analysis is often used by strategic planners and top management in developing competitive strategies. It is typically used to decide corporate strategies and to make product or market level analyses. Though the analyses seem to identify only broad trends, SWOT analysis as a technique has the capacity to analyze information in depth depending on the objectives of the users. Thus, by a comparison of strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats with those of the competitors, effective strategies and tactics can be developed to combat competition. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors of a firm, in contrast with the opportunities and threats, which are external factors (Hammer & Champy, 1993). The following is a SWOT analysis for the Jackson Memorial Hospital:


Part of a large conglomerate of health care facilities

In existence since 1918

Long history of quality health care, education and community service

Strong affiliations with universities, research and community programs

Staff members are, overall, caring responsive and accommodating

Clinical services are of a high quality with low mortality rates

Positive outlook and strong resolve to improve further on performance


Caters to a large population of uninsured (this could change due to the passage of President Obama's health care plan)

Labor shortages in nursing and some difficulty obtaining volunteers

Supported by taxpayers during a recession


Increasing diversity of the county has created many unique market niches

Population of the county has increased, especially in two major markets: children and seniors.

Affiliations with other medical care facilities and community outreach programs

Developing key internal strategies to reduce administrative costs

Monitoring results with key internal teams to ensure ongoing and effective process improvement


Other health care providers creating competition

Health care plans and the changing nature of insurance as Obama's health care is gradually implemented

Fiscal pressures from for-profit hospitals with more money for marketing campaigns

10) Stakeholder analysis of who will be affected by your project

My project is the implementation of a voice recognition system for radiology dictation.


Stakeholder Interest(s) in the Project

Assessment of Impact

Potential Strategies for Obtaining Support or Reducing Obstacles


Facilitation of stronger security as well as cost and time efficiency

High positive impact

Research data on success of voice recognition for radiology dictation


Confidence that their security is protected. Potential cost savings.

Medium-High positive impact

Conduct surveys of patients as to how important security of their private medical information is


More time to devote to other important matters, less likelihood of error

High positive impact

Test the system within the unit

11) Appendices

Appendix A: Mission Statement

Mission & Vision

Jackson Health System

"An academic health system with a public healthcare mission"

Mission Statement

To build the health of the community by providing a single, high standard of quality care for the residents of Miami-Dade County

Vision Statement

Our strategic vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognized, world-class academic medical system and to be the provider of choice for quality care.


Service Excellence and Quality, Commitment, Compassion, Teamwork and Communication, Respect, Confidentiality, Integrity and Stewardship, Inclusion

Appendix B: Organizational chart: JMH Pediatrics


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