Internal PR Action Plan Effective Term Paper

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They need to work together to establish boundaries and clear communication.

Internal PR management involves analysis, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of the current state of the organization (Bruning & Ledingham, 2000). PR is in an essence the management of the relationships that exist within the organization and its key publics including internal publics. The role of PR reps within UA will be to facilitate positive communication between the organization and its publics, and in order to accomplish this it must build relationships (Bruning & Ledingham, 2000)> One way to do this is to become more people-oriented and focus on relational values including quality and service (Bruning & Ledingham, 2000).

The internal action plan must include surveying internal publics to determine the source of their dissatisfaction with the current level of service the organization is providing them. Based on the information reaped from current practices the organization must then work to communicate its strategic vision with internal publics more clearly and also establish its vision as one that is morally and ethically sound. At this point in time communication is clearly lacking between higher ups in the organization and the rest of the company as a whole.

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Internal publics should also be afforded an avenue for communicating with each other and working with the executive team in the company to help develop more sound quality service practices that focus on the well being of the internal as well as external publics. If the internal publics felt that they were being reasonably treated and felt as though they had the opportunity to be active members in the organizations policy making and strategic planning process, they are less likely to report satisfaction and discontent with the company as a whole.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Internal PR Action Plan Effective Assignment

The communications process should involve top level executives communicating down and across the chain of command. Organizational representatives should be working to communicate directly with the internal publics, and the internal publics should also have a channel via which they are able to communicate directly with management members as well. All communications should be handled in a timely manner, with major organizational changes or strategic planning communicated in real time.


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