Internal Strengths and Weaknesses SWOT

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This creates impetus for change because it highlights the reality that the problems are not subject to Dr. M's misinterpretation -- they are real, noticeable by outsiders, and everybody can see that there is a problem. While there is expected to be significant resistance to change, it is harder for those resisting to argue that a problem does not exist when it is all over the media that a problem does exist. The roadblocks are numerous, however. There might not be funding for change -- the Board needs to get on board with that. Furthermore, the old guard of employees, the old CEO and the unions are all potential sources of roadblock.


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The key Recommendation here is to start with the start, and finish the leadership overhaul. This is a mainly political task, rather than operational, but getting a new CEO in place and bringing the Board on board with an organizational change plan is the most important step. Trying to make a small operational change without addressing the bigger issues is putting lipstick on a pig. Improving productivity here means getting the organization to think differently. Two pieces of the leadership puzzle are in place in Dr. M and the new medical Chief of Staff; now the old CEO needs early retirement and a new CEO brought in to complete the organization's leadership change. This will require the support of the Board. With a new leader, the culture of the organization can be changed. There is far too much emphasis on the old way of doing things when clearly the old way is resulting in poor performance. Entrenched employees and their union are not going to be receptive to change until they realize that they have no choice.

SWOT on The Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, Assignment

The new culture needs to be based on flexibility, and the ability to meet patient needs. The new leadership team, and the Board, need to draw up plans of what they want their organization to look like going forward, and then find the resources needed to make that happen. A lot of the older staff members will need to be retired soon, in order to help with this transition. But organizational change starts at the top, so the first step is getting the Board to move now and replace the outgoing CEO with someone who can help Dr. M and the Chief of Staff bring about a more accountable, productive culture for the long… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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