Bass Pro Shops International Business Research Paper

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McDermott pointed out that:

“The main advantage that our company will experience in partnering with a local firm is that the latter probably comprehend the local culture, marketplace, and means of conducting business in a better as compared to a foreign firm. I also believe that partners are particularly valuable if they have an acknowledged, reputable brand name in the nation and also have existent relations with consumers or target audience we might want to access”.

As the CEO of the corporation, Morris indicated that a strategic alliances was deemed to be the most ideal strategy for entering into these international markets and attaining a competitive advantage and market share as effective as possible. He pointed out the following:

“A strategic alliance strategy will help Bass Pro Shops to attain an international presence devoid of the risks linked with direct entry mode or the acquisition of new firms. This alliance will provide our company with extensive coverage of the local market. Furthermore, our company will not be necessitated to build any sort of infrastructure as it is already existent and the consumers of the strategic alliance partner may allow us the chance to more fully capitalize on our existing resource base. More so, another advantage of this strategic approach is that we could be able to leave or withdraw from the partnership devoid of incurring significant fixed costs”.

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Research Paper on Bass Pro Shops International Business Assignment

According to existent literature, there are numerous advantages of utilizing strategic alliances and partnerships and modes of entry in international expansion. Research conducted by Okumus, Altinay, and Chathoth (2010) indicates that the strong suit of utilizing strategic alliances as a means of expansion is that this approach can speedily take advantage of brand recognition of numerous multinational organizations. Notably, marketing outlays can be spread over a greater base, making the endeavor more efficacious and effective through advantages in the economies of scale gained. Furthermore, numerous of the issues of labor and management know-how and proficiency are diminished by this strategy, and this also encompasses the problems linked to multicultural dissimilarities usually faced when companies seek to expand into new regions of the world. More importantly, Okumus et al. (2010) indicates that these sort of partnerships are no longer restricted to corporations operating in the similar industry, as in the contemporary setting, there is a rise in strategic alliances between companies with the same synergy. Pettus (2013) indicates that from the standpoint of economies of scale, technology might be shared amongst the strategic partners, which eradicates the necessity for the company to make acquisitions or developments of such technology. Strategic alliances also facilitate accessibility to an international network without incurring the extra expenses of acquisition or internal development (Pettus, 2013).

Biggest Challenges during Expansions

Expanding business operations overseas is a worthy endeavor for Bass Pro Shops, but it does come along with a number of challenges. As the CEO of the company, Morris pointed out that one of the biggest expected challenges during the process of expansion into foreign regions is the physical distance. He suggests that in spite of the fact that the company might have telephones and also the internet connections to facilitate communication in foreign nations, this cannot be compared to being there in person to speak to prospective clientele and distribution affiliates. In addition, the distance means that there are costs associated to freight, logistics as well as shipping expenses for products. Secondly, Morris points out that another significant challenge includes language and cultural barriers. Imperatively, good communication is at the core of efficacious international business strategy. Nonetheless, communicating across cultures can be a daunting task.

“Efficacious communication with colleagues, clientele and consumers overseas is pivotal for success in international business. It is a challenge because it also encompasses non-verbal communication. Being cognizant of acceptable business etiquette in nations such as South Korea is important because they are dissimilar and can lead to communication challenges in international business. Overcoming these cultural and communication challenges is imperative for our business going global in order to assimilate with individuals who will become consumers”

McDermott pointed out that one of the most difficult challenges during expansion takes into account supply chain complexities. In regard to sourcing of products from overseas, the management of suppliers and the supply chains in overall can be a daunting process. He states:

“Imports, exports, shipping as well as logistics are all aspects that our company will have to deal with and managing a supply chain that goes beyond national borders can be a major challenge. Regrettably the length and intricacy of supply chains increases the probability of working with suppliers or distributors who have unethical and even at times illegal business practices.”

A mutual response from both the CEO and president of the company is that a significant challenge they expected to face from the global expansion endeavor is intense competition. Becoming a global player in the industry implies that a corporation should be ready to face competition from the locally established players, rivalry against greater multinational enterprises as well as the pivotal necessity to capitalize on market prospects. McDermott specifically states:

“Even if we are making a killing here in the United States and take our business to foreign markets such as Australia, we should expect several other companies conducting the similar business. That places us at a disadvantage right from the get go. As Bass Pro Shops, we will have to deal with tariffs and import fees, prospectively slower turnaround times, and also the issue of coping with two currencies. We will be forced to be largely cognizant of what these local rivals are doing so as to counteract the competitive advantages they have over us”.

As the CEO of the company, Morris points out that competition is not only from small local companies but also international ones as well. He provided the following remarks:

“In spite of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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