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As a CEO of a successful company, I do not possess hubris, even though am supposed to have faith in myself. My investment decisions are based on proven and market researched feasibility studies. I make investments in potential profit ventures and not because I think I am a better manager than the target firm manager. Our current acquisition venture has been informed by extensive studies carried out on the market dynamics of the region's market.

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To ensure the success of my acquisition, through previous acquisitions, I am aware that integration of various aspects of the two companies is critical and essential. Making sure that the target company has what you want and fits smoothly into the strategy to be accomplished is of utmost importance. To ensure success, building of capacity is also crucial and this will ensure employees are retained smoothly during acquisition. Evaluating the competencies of the acquisition is also key to the true value of the acquisition. Time would have to be spent understanding the culture of the target market and also the new organization to facilitate quick integration of our target market cultures. Knowing who the key players are and their intent are also important. We aim to complete the acquisition process as fast as safely possible to avoid a slack in productivity that is occasioned during such ventures (Mendenhall, 2005). The company is also keen on achieving its aims while retaining the competencies of both companies. We also aim to recruit and retain managers with great interpersonal skills. This is necessary to foster a good relationship with our main stakeholders. All these measures will ensure a smooth and successful acquisition.


TOPIC: Essay on International Business Environment My Firm's Assignment

Although it is not easy to predict the outcome of any merger or acquisition, thorough preparation and a tie-up plan are essential. It is however universally accepted that the human factor is the major reason for failure of most acquisitions and therefore should be seriously considered for the success of Mergers and acquisitions. If acquisition process also is carried out in a manner that disregards the welfare of employees, it will result in a disillusioned workforce and eventual drop in productivity.


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