International Business Marketing Laker's ) Article Expressed Article Review

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International Business Marketing

Laker's (2012) article expressed the widespread doubt of many chief marketing officers throughout the world. His argument expressed that the "disruptive digital technologies and the new expectations of the global consumer are forcing global firms to adjust and innovate." As a result confidence to tackle this problem is at an all time low.

The author does not wade in misery about this problem, and offers solutions to this challenging new landscape that is presented in the marketing world. By identifying the five biggest challenges marketers now are experiencing, Laker is helping define the problem by putting boundaries and objectives in the discussion.

He offered five distinct challenges that arose after a study was completed that gauged CMO readiness levels and confidence of their effectiveness. The five biggest challenges are as follows:1. Disruptive technologies.2. Globally connected consumers3. Localization revisited4. Multi-channel misses.5. Organizational structures.

Disruptive technologies, growing at rapid rates, has required global markets to be more flexible. Globally connected consumers, according to Laker, have broken down the barriers between global and local marketing, increasing the work load for many CMOs. Local trends are hard to crack and global marketing is often difficult to make significant progress. Multi-missed technologies are explained as technology just being flat out ineffective. Organizational structures are often confusing and complicating the problem by offering too many opinions and not enough solutions.

Article #2 Topic: Currency Markets

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Heath's (2013) article examined the fallout of Australia's recent reappointment of Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens. The article presented Stevens has many problems in the global marketplace due to currency markets and Australia's position in these markets.

Article Review on International Business Marketing Laker's (2012) Article Expressed Assignment

Stevens has been noted for his support of quantitative easing, or printing of money, to help make his currency more alluring for international investors. Australia's current economy appeared to drive Steven's past decisions according to Heath. He wrote "Stevens is one of the last hawks. But he's able to remain one because he's in the enviable position of having an economy that's grown for 21 years and isn't having to resort to desperate measures to keep it alive. The 55-year-old governor and his board reduced the benchmark rate by 1.75 percentage points in six steps in the 14 months through December before pausing this year. While the policy stance isn't seeking a particular exchange rate response, it is "being set with a recognition of the exchange rate's effect on the economy," Stevens told a parliamentary panel in February. "

There are problems looming for Australia and its currency if current trends manifest into larger problems according to this article. Australia is at risk for large bubbles to arise for having such a high currency and high growth rates. Bubbles must be avoided according to Stevens and is prepared to act. He was quoted as saying that "the other tool that may be available is, of course, intervention," he said Feb. 22. "I think the truth is that, with the power of the forces at work here, you would need to be pretty confident that it is seriously overvalued or that the market is behaving in some quite irrational way before you would launch on large-scale intervention."

Article 3 Topic: Mercantilism

Goldberg's (2013) article argued that a new and dynamic form of mercantilism has taken shape in the global economy. Instead of precious metals such as gold and silver being used as measuring devices of economic strength, a nation's intellectual capital is now being utilized as this indicator.

The author used the term "elevator assets" to describe this mobile and newly strengthened resource. He explained that "economists and business executives call moveable assets such as this "elevator assets." In a world where a nation's rival is also its joint venture partner, where economic sustainability and competition for markets and technology are determinants of success, the proper maintenance of elevator assets is vital to a nation's future."

After explaining his key terms, Goldberg began his comparison of intellectual capital resources between several nations. He included that the political and economic factors of a specific nation has a direct influence on the mobility and attractiveness of elevator assets. Israel, for instance, was used as an example to show how many of this country's newly acquired intellectual capital would leave if political dangers became too extreme.

Goldberg also mentioned the United… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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