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International business is a term that is used to describe issues that relating to a firm's operations with interests in many countries. Such firms are referred to as multinational corporations. The main important area of concern in the international business arena is cultural considerations. These include dissimilarity in living standards, law and legal systems, climate, language barriers and many others (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2010, 1-2). All of these issues need to be understood for an multinational in order to have success in a venture overseas. However, the increased competitiveness is worth the risk and the trouble of diversification by operating overseas.

Many companies and get into international business because of the existence of the competitive environment. This competitive environment compels companies to move on further rather than in staying at the same size by focusing simply quality. Another reason is the fear of loosing the customers.

If a company does not show sustainable growth then competitors will move ahead and the chances of loosing of customers will increase (ibid., 3-4). Other general reasons include the following: political changes like economic changes and those in the regulation of work and safety that include cost of production. If there shows an increase in the cost of production at home, the company has to look for places where the cost of production is reasonable for them.

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Four major objectives compel a company to go for international business, including enlarging sales, to successfully acquire resources, diversification of the sources of the company's sales and to look out for diversification of supplies (ibid., 5-6). Since the 1980s, global competition has become very important for the world and its economic development. Companies that are multinational are involved processes taking place in the international business environment.

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The business world has nearly always relied heavily upon contractual agreements for the conduct of business. But what happens when one takes away the physical contractual and everything is agreed upon through the spoken word? Business ethics is an old discipline and can be applied successfully to the everyday international business world. International business is similar to national business in many ways. However, there are also significant differences that on must take into account for the achievement of successful international strategies (ibid., 58-60).

The main problem in international business is to overcome the differences in national cultures that manifest themselves so often. One finds that international business operates in many countries with widely different cultures. In this way, the formal parameters of starting new business overseas can be implemented when it is used in different cultural environments. This then leads to different results.

However, international companies can face serious challenges. These include issues and solutions about what products or services should be attractive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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