International Management the Award Serves a Dual Research Proposal

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International Management

The award serves a dual purpose. The external purpose is to promote Conoco's ethics beyond the company. Internally, the award serves as a benchmark for all Conoco employees -- recipients are role models up to which all Conoco employees can look. At its core, the award serves as a tool to reinforce the company's code of ethics. It is more critical that employees and external stakeholders are aware the corporate ethical codes than to simply have them (Barnett, 2003).

The term "extraordinarily" can be defined in one of two ways. It can be taken to mean that the firm's ethical standards are upheld in unusually difficult circumstances. It can also be taken to mean that the employee raises the bar on ethical standards for all around him or her.

Given the purpose of the award, the first recipient should be a true benchmark recipient. In this case, the first award should go to Raymond Marchand. He has actively promoted Conoco ethics, even in the most difficult of circumstances such as the world's most corrupt countries (BBC, 2000). Furthermore, he has done so over the course of his entire career.

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4) One major structural feature blocking ethical action is the duty of the managers to shareholders. In many nations, unethical activity does not directly harm profit, so attention to the profit motive can result in unethical activity if the manager believes greater profit opportunities will result. Another structural issue with a firm like Conoco is the far-flung nature of the firm's operations. It is difficult for managers at head offices to police the behavior of employees in the remotest corners of the world. These locations also necessitate the hiring of thousands of local employees, many of whom do not have any experience with Western ethical culture.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on International Management the Award Serves a Dual Assignment

5) it is important to measure all aspects of an ethical program. While the awards component of the program cannot be measures using all known measures, some can certainly contribute to the measurement. There are several potential success measures that can apply to the awards program. There are external measures, such as recognition… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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