International Management Ethics and Value Thesis

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International Management Ethics

With respect to outcomes, the moral issue is that the analyst, if guilty of executing a pump-and-dump, is knowingly increasing his profit with the knowledge that many viewers will not sell at the right time and will consequently lose money. There is, however, some moral ambiguity with respect to this situation. Markets are only assumed to be perfectly transparent in business school theory. In reality, information is far from perfect and the vast majority of market participants understand that. Thus, outcomes are never truly predictable. Even a pump-and-dump scheme can fail, particularly on a widely-traded stock. Thus, there is greater moral culpability in the intent than in the outcomes. Mr. Stedman simply cannot be held responsible for the outcomes of every viewer watching his show -- they must take responsibility for their own trading activities.

In terms of honesty, the analyst is not being fully honest with the audience, as there are undisclosed motivations for making the recommendation. The analyst may be honest about his views of the stock, but failing to disclose pertinent facts such as a personal position in the stock is inherently dishonest. In terms of fairness, the analyst in a pump-and-dump is unfairly leveraging his position for personal gain. Stock markets operate on the principles of full transparency, so when he fails to disclose his position, he has knowledge that his viewers do not have, giving him an unfair advantage.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on International Management Ethics and Value Assignment

2. The viewers are stakeholders in DNHC, because they are using the station for information and commentary about the stock markets. They rely on that information to be as complete and accurate as possible. The owners of DNHC also are important stakeholders, because they need to be protected from negative financial events, such as lawsuits stemming from inappropriate activity of their employees. Management and owners of the company being discussed are also stakeholders. Their performance and outcomes can be affected by DNHC's reporting, thus they need that reporting to be as honest and complete as possible.

3. The analysts have a conflict of interest because, when they appear on television to discuss the market, they are doing so as a representative of DNHC. Therefore, their primary obligation is to DNHC. When they instead use their airtime to meet their own financial objectives, they are no longer acting in the best interests of the network. This is the source of the conflict of interest. In the normal course of employment, employees may be allowed to pursue their own activities, but when the objective of those activities is in direct conflict with the objectives of the employer, the conflict of interest is created.

4. Morally, James Lee is responsible for his own loss. Despite Rick Stedman's possible actions and the possible lack of oversight on the part of the network, James… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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International Management Ethics and Values Thesis

International Management Ethics and Values Thesis

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