International Marketing Dell Technology Essay

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However, these successful strategies are not only in reach of Dell but other leading companies are also following the same methods. Therefore, Dell has to further improve the quality and international strategies so that to prosper and maintain its position in the market.

Since, Dell offers unique and customized products at low cost and easy availability; therefore it captures the large international market share but in recent times, the attitude of the customers is changing. Like in China, people first want to try the product and then purchase so such an attitude can create risk for the Dell Corporation. For this purpose, it is important for the company to expand its plants. In past, the company didn't focus on the promotion of products as like other companies. However, since few years, the company has improved its advertising and marketing campaigns.

The U.S. market is already being very competitive in computer manufacturing; therefore Dell must identify the market where it can find more opportunities to grow. The company needs to look in the market where there are suitable opportunities and least number of risks involved. There should be opportunities for low cost and better profits. The company must look in for the location where there is low labor cost, transport, and cost of telecommunication bandwidth, favorable economic, political, social and technological conditions. Above all, there should be reasonable tax rates and easy trading opportunities.

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The growth of information technology and computing is rapidly increasing in developing countries. According to statistics, only 5.1% of the Indians and 9% of the Chinese have computers; whereas 75% of Americans have computers. Moreover of the total population of the world, 85% lives in developing countries. The educational institutes are highly in need of the low cost computers and that's where the Dell is already providing services. So, setting the plant in opportunistic developing country could lead the company with higher profits and growth.

TOPIC: Essay on International Marketing Dell Technology and Assignment

The Dell Corporation must also need to focus on the Research and Development Department. Since, it is one of the big reasons, why the company lags behind HP and Apple like companies. Apple introduces its latest technology every other day but Dell is not as efficient in this field.

There are different demands and requirements of different areas' customers therefore company needs to properly segment the market. The Michael Dell highly focused on the market segmentation while talking about the Dell website. Dell also needs to expand its partnership with suppliers in different countries while ensuring the reliable services. Like in the past few years, Dell has made partnerships with Wal-Mart Stores, Costco Wholesale, Suning and Gome and so on.

The company has recently entered in the Asian market where Toshiba and Sony are ruling the market. Dell must need to focus on the public demand and maintain their reputation. Since, one wrong decision may lead to bad impact over the whole Asia customers.


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