International Political Economy of East Term Paper

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It is these nationalistic movements that shaped what to become of many Southeast Asian economies later.

Take the first example of Indonesia. Under the Dutch colonial rule, the economy was neatly divided into the primary product export sector and the traditional agrarian sector (Paauw, 1981). This dualistic pattern of the economy where the modern, enclave-styled, export sector coexisted with the traditional, backward agricultural sector indeed typified the 'colonial pattern' of many Southeast Asian economies at the end of the war.

But the change does not come this way. When the Japanese were gone, back came the former colonial rulers to frustrate emerging nationalistic movements.

Nowhere in Southeast Asia was the postwar fight for independence more traumatic than in Indonesia. The bitter colonial experience led the postwar Indonesian leader (Sukarno) to spend a lot of time and resources uprooting the Dutch colonial heritage, and perhaps emphasizing too much on economic nationalism.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on International Political Economy of East Assignment

Thus there is a framework which is based on the power relationships among individuals or groups of individual or institutions (which contain individuals or groups of individuals) in deciding on certain policies that affect…
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