International Publishing Strategy Research Paper

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International Strategy in Publishing

Describing and analyzing the international strategy of McGraw Hill Education

Using data from the sources listed below write a brief description of the company, its publishing activities and its international position.

McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) uses it's over 100 years' worth of experience to offer seamless and innovative learning solutions globally. Its position as a leader in advanced learning solutions has given it the power to deliver streamlined educational solutions to students across the globe, empowering them to be the very best in their respective niches. With support for a record 65 languages, the institution has head offices in different parts of the world like South America, Europe, China, the Middle East and North America (Belardi, 2013).

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To retain its status, the McGraw-Hill Education institute has worked hard to assert its position as a true center for both professional and educational information. Coupling this with its ability to offer training services over a couple of fields and levels of learning gives a versatile learning center capable of delivering both hard copy and soft copy educational material to students and teachers. The institution has a well-developed and up-to-date library for all branches of study. Its business school will deliver all the material needed to read or tutor on the No Child Left Behind Act and a comprehensive Reading First Initiative course. Examples of educational services available at the McGraw-Hill include TABE Online, Open Court Reading and Algebra Demystified. (Carpenter & DeJoia 2006)

Research Paper on International Publishing Strategy Assignment

Two private holding companies make up the McGraw-Hill Education. The McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings is responsible for post-secondary studies and other professional courses both in the U.S. And globally. The second is the McGraw-Hill School Education Holdings that deals with products centered on students within the pre-kindergarten to secondary school bracket. Currently, the institute employs over 6,000 people across 44 countries. It has also published material in over 60 languages. Its prowess is evident in its 2013's fiscal year revenues of USD1.24 billion (Global Publishing Leaders, 2014).

By moving away from traditional education patterns and focusing on digital innovations, McGraw-Hill seeks to increase its presence in the education business. Examples of its solutions include the Tata McGraw-Hill Education Private Limited that resulted from the acquisition of the ALEKS Corporation, an artificial intelligence and educational software developer. Another notable product from MHE is the LearnSmart product resulting from a partnership with Area9, the company it acquired in 2013 (McGraw-Hill LearnSmart advantage, n.d.). In addition to this, McGraw-Hill Education also added Sketchpad, an impressive math class software, to its catalogue by acquiring the application's creator, Key Curriculum ("Global Publishing Leaders" 2014).

According to the company's Information Statement, over 18% of MHE's revenue comes from its international market. By availing a great deal of published college text and authority research via digital media, MHE gets the chance to lure in more tutors and students and increasing its position as an authority in the niche. Its revenues from its digital material dissemination have grown by over 30% in the last three years. Since the material spans a wide range of educational bodies and levels, MHE will always have a market. These groups include the School Education Group (SEG) that is responsible for the school assessment programs aimed at children in the PreK-12 bracket and the High Education, Professional and International Group (HPI) that deals with all levels of higher-level learning (McGraw-Hill PreK-12, n.d.; Information Statement, 2012).


Describe and analyze this company in their global approaches to business. You will need to be able to demonstrate with references that you have utilized public data to support your analysis by answering the following questions:


Which divisions are the principal drivers in shaping McGraw Hill Education?

Even though the company registered a 0.4% Higher Education department improvement in 2013, its overall revenue of $68.2 million in 2013 was lowered by 5.6% in comparison to the $72.3 million posted in 2012. The maintained sales, however, are attributed to its efforts in venturing into the digital-based educational material (McGraw-Hill Education Higher education, n.d.). The introduction of innovative solutions to the Higher Education branch, for instance the use of McGraw-Hill Connect™, integrated eContent and online homework solutions, and the LearnSmart Advantage ™ solutions increased the number of people willing to take on MHE as their center for online education (McGraw-Hill Connect, n.d.). With this success, they have every reason to invest and create partnerships in development efforts and the creation of more advanced learning resources. Its ability to tailor a couple of learning solutions and make them suit client's needs makes McGraw-Hill highly effective in selling tutors, learners and institutions systems that actually meet their needs. (McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 2014)

The professional division, on the other hand, had its sales grow by 17.9% in 2013. The growth is directly related to the increase in eBook sales and the bare access to digital products. Despite this, a better part of the revenue is seasonal since education is also seasonal. This means that the company makes more money in the third and fourth quarters. On the other hand, the Higher Education revenue dropped from $15 million to $14.5 in the 4th quarter of 2013 in comparison to that of 2013. This combined with the $0.9 million drop in the professional sales sector also lends a hand to the overall trends. (McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 2014)


What international strategy, as described by a reliable source is being followed by McGraw Hill?

The company's international strategy focuses on aligning its capabilities and services with what the market wants. To attain these objectives, MHE has to (1) expand on its educational services; (2) come up with better and more innovative digital-based education solutions; (3) manage its core business and sustain profitability; and (4) focus on creating effective and productive acquisitions or strategic collaborations. McGraw-Hill expects to heavily benefit from its diversified revenue generation avenues. By reducing its overdependence on a single revenue source, the company can make more and more regardless of what tutors and learners are interested in. Since no individual publication accounts for over 2% of the company's revenue, there is always guarantee of more income regardless of the shift in preferences. By the end of December 2011, its digital revenue, which almost entirely constitutes of subscription, had grown almost 45%. At this time, the subscription accounted for around 16% of the total revenue in higher education and 14% in the professional material section (Mcgraw-Hill Education Campus, n.d.). This is an indicator that its current increase in sales was not out of luck. It was as a result of a properly charted course of action. (Information Statement, 2012)

Innovative designs are crucial in increasing the adoption of digital content dissemination and the overall preference of digital reading over traditional print reading. With MHE receiving multiple recognitions to its software solutions, for instance the Software & Information Industry Association ("SIIA") CODiE Awards, MHE has what it takes to drive its sales and remain as the key player in this market. The company has a profound presence in a market that needs some time to get a footing in. Maintaining this is all it needs to keep its prowess alive and growing. (Information Statement, 2012)

As the MHE is an international company, the need for a motivated international marketing and market research unit is ever so important. With over 2,000 professionals on the field dealing with curriculum implementations, McGraw-Hill Education is always on the ground and able to deliver innovative solutions for real problems (McGraw-Hill Practice, n.d.). Moreover, sales agents in over 50 states and 80 countries worldwide create a strong marketing mesh that ensures that MHE is in contact with its potential customers no matter what. With such a profound presence in the strongest markets, MHE has a better hold and a possibility of bettering its performance in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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