Essay: International Relations Studies and Research

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[. . .] Domestic competitiveness in this case is a major contributor towards ensuring that there is a greater variety of food and other goods that emerge from Agricultural products is East Africa. The concept of domestic competitiveness applies in many regions around the world.

Exploits international trade technology

Technology is changing drastically and trade is one of the major contributors towards technology advancement. Competition in the world trade market has made various trade entities try and advance their products so as to outshine their competitors who are probably producing similar commodities (Al-Suwaidi Ahmed 135).

As this takes course, technology keeps on advancing with people viewing different commodities time after time. A good example is China, Japan and Germany. They are the two major exporters of world motors, for example, the Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes Benz brand has kept of advancing with the advancement in technology. This is advantageous to the consumer as they get to have goods that suit their desires. The global market creates a large environment for trade thus existing commodities are easy to trade due to a variety of goods and a high demand of products. It is due to this that international trade is advantageous than domestic trade. Goods in the international market are easily distributed, and satisfaction of demand is easy to meet.

International trade has several disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is that it could usher about rapid depletion of exhaustible natural resources. As countries continue to raise their production levels, the natural resources reduce thus depleting the minimal resources that might be available at that time. Many countries only concentrate on maximizing income but forget to replace the used resources in the process. Another major disadvantage of international trade is that it requires modification of products as competition continues to grow tighter. This many call for various countries to slice into their budget and invest in the trade. International trade is expensive to maintain. The third major disadvantage is that it slowly kills local and regional trade. Countries tend to major much on international trade and neglect promoting the local market. This is because the international market has cheap goods and saves on expenditure. Many countries import goods even though they are locally available. This aspect demoralizes low scale producers and in turn make them work in cooperates so as to meet the target of international trade.

Functions of economies

The economy of a state or country determines many operations in that state. The price scale of commodities in a particular place depends on the economy of the place. The economy is expected to perform four major functions in any given set up. First, the economy is expected to determine the kind of food to be produced (Bourdieu Pierre 36). This is because, in the budget of a state, the food products that are easily acquired are given much focus on in order to reduce the cost of importing food and major on producing more of the available produce. The economy is also supposed to capacitate the amount of goods that the state is required to produce either for local consumption or for export purposes. This is in order to control the utilization of available resources and avoid depleting them. In this case, the economy determines the usage of the available resources and has a duty to protect as well as prevent the extortion of the resources. Resources and the economy are directly proportional because the economy relays on the available resources in order to weaken, maintain its position or in other cases strengthen.

The economy determines the amount of resources allocated to generate output in various sectors of production (Bourdieu Pierre 57). Countries that are cautious about their economic status link the concept of utility to the production process and output. Production level should not exceed the level or available resources. Preventing the extortion of resources help to create a stable economic status thus it is the obligation of the economy to address the utility of resources. Finally, the economy is supposed to determine the distribution of resources to be utilized. This is to facilitate the development and enable more production of goods. An increase in production needs to goods promotes trade and stabilizes the economy.

Role of governments

Politics is a social element that dawns the development of a new society. It leads to the formation of governments that make vital decisions used in resolving conflicts and allocating beneficial aid to its subjects. The government also stands as the utmost arm of authoritarianism in the society. Most citizens are always blinded by political ideologies that political governments present with the intention of getting into power. Individuals are also persuaded of the conservativeness, liberty and the democratic belief of a government. As an overall summation of the role of government, it restrains and rules to concur to issues of national development and wealth. The redistribution of national resources and devolvement of leadership is also a major role that a reinstated government needs to address. A good government ought to follow fundamental political values that instigate security in opposition to violence and to uphold the respective constitutions. Although governments are backed by legitimacy, people find it difficult to agree to some of the responsibilities that governments vest upon themselves (Schmidt et al., 2008).

Most government officials mainly put their focus in retaining their political regime, and put less concern on issues affecting citizens. The government is always pushed when happenings have gone over the limit or if the national attention is directed to specific areas of concern. In addition, rise of national disasters always sees the inclusion of government leaders in trying to consolidate efforts to address such issues. Subjects tend to disagree to the liberal ideologies that governments always preach. Many individuals have also expressed their disagreement pertaining the governments' involvement in private lives and civil liberties (Schmidt et al., 2008). Activists and marginalized groups in favor of the citizens, especially in America have engaged in objections to government role in domestic surveillance towards its citizens (Schmidt et al., 2008). My opinion advocates for a government that places its subjects as the priority. Consequentially, a democratic government is chosen and given a chance to prove its adherence to promises made to lure the citizens.


Sociology aspects of politics and governance hit the core root of societal development. In conjunction to this issue, power dominance by powerful nations and how they control the global economies is an issue that is affecting modern globalization. It is depicted that socialization rises from interaction of individuals in societal units to national and international heights. Consequentially, international relations have allowed for intra, and inter-continental interactions bringing forth efforts of peace, trade and also exchange of culture, which sums up the role that sociology studies play in defining the modern world.


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