International Terrorism on Domestic Research Paper

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Since U.S. has been in the fore front in the war against Terror, this has formed the ground used by the jihad front in campaigning against American hegemony among the Muslims who are in America. Al Awlaki and bin Laden videos in addition to their several number of escapes from the U.S. forces has greatly bestowed them a cult status and greater number of their fan following. This mass appeal will always be a challenge to the United State in trying to curb this following. The agencies in U.S. who have the duty of countering terrorism have concentrated in dealing with radical Islamists who are closer to home, though the steps that they are using in countering this threat tend to be vague and far from being defined well.

From the evidence we can tell that the real threat does not exist on the amateur homemade explosives and random shootings, it originates from the ideology that gives birth to this radicalization, (Jerrold M. Post, 2005). Therefore, the U.S. government is supposed to deal with the ideological prejudices within as well as against Muslims. The aim of the government is supposed to be bringing itself closer to the Muslims communities but not just concentrating on fighting their civil liberties, for example, in the airline security checks that usually rises discord among the communities to make them gang up against the United State.

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It has been clear enough that pouring tax money into Afghanistan was not enough to end the terror threat that America is still facing. A strategy that can be considered to be very effective is a multi-pronged counterterrorism strategy that focuses on the terrorist abroad and Muslim community that stay within the United States territory, joining hands in working with the antiterrorism agencies forms the key to the problem. The United State do not have any option of remaining safe from radical Islamist terrorism who influence the domestic terrorism but to implement a strategy that is based on intelligence as well as a coordinated law enforcement be carried out in a pro-active and sustainable partnership with the American Muslim community.

TOPIC: Research Paper on International Terrorism on Domestic Terrorism- Assignment


A nationwide, coordinated, community partnership framework tends to be the best solution to the problem of domestic terrorism. Muslims community local leaders are supposed to be brought around the table to have a dialogue with the law enforcement, more so to the counter terrorism officials and the government. Through this partnership intelligence can be gathered on the possible future terror plots. Such will make the law enforcement to have no need of being present within the areas that would hurt Muslim religious sentiments. The communities forms the reliable sources that reports unusual occurrences and radical propaganda, therefore they should be educated more on ways of reporting such matters. On the other hand, the law enforcement officials are supposed to be educated on the customs of the Muslim, that will enable them deal with any intelligence that they will receive and the best way to deal with any rising reaction from the community.


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