Internet Access to Students Term Paper

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99 each - $2,400.51

Patch Cables: 80 @ $6.99 $559.20 port Hubs - 6 @ $39.95 $239.70

24 port switched Hubs -- $1,999.80

Router - 1 - $2,750 $2,750.00

Cable $400.00

Miscellaneous Parts $550.00

Hardware Total: $8,899.21

Internet Connectivity year service $6,600.00

Technician Service days @ $600 a day $3,000.00

Training days @ $1,000 a day $2,000.00


The budget is based upon probable bids from area vendors. It is possible the bids could come in slightly lower than projected. Because of the competitive bid process, and a general economic slowdown in the area, it is believed the local vendors may be willing to offer a lower price in the hopes of landing this contract.


The following appendices are offered as part of this proposal:

Local vendor lists (this listing includes information about their general services, staff, and hardware sales).

General information about networking and Internet connectivity - provided by several hardware and software manufacturers.

T1 availability information from Verizon - the local telephone service provider for the area where the Martin school is located.

Letter of support from the Parent Teachers Association, including their commitment to provide volunteer labor for the running of the long cable wire required to connect all desired rooms.

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Letter of support from the school principal and assistant principal for the project.


National Center for Education Statistics. This document is available online at

Riley, R., Holleman, F., and Roberts, L. 2000. eLearning: Putting a World-Class Education at the Fingertips of All Children.U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology. This document is available online (

TOPIC: Term Paper on Internet Access to Students the Assignment

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research…
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