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Instant messages (often called "IM's") are literally instant communication between two people who happen to be online at the same time. They occur in real time. They put more pressure on a person's ability to write and spell adequately because it is difficult to use tools such as spell-checkers with them. Email and IM's have changed the face of warfare in one significant way: soldiers in Iraq have at least occasional access to computers, and the ability to email and sometimes IM loved ones at home (4).

One of the most interesting developments in computer communication might be weblogs, or "blogs." A combination of the words "web" and "log," a blog is an online personal journal that the writer makes available to others who can read and then comment on the contents (5). This form of computer communication may be the closest to traditional written expression, as the writer of the blog often takes the time to revise what he or she has said and actively seeks for the personal writing to have some kind of impact on the reader.

All of these newer forms of communication have changed how we write and increased emphasis on the need to be able to write easily and effectively. It places new demands on what it means to be literate, or able to read and write for the purposes of everyday activities.


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Term Paper on Internet Communication the Face of Assignment

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