Internet Crimes Deviance Research Paper

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biz was a subsidiary that hired English and German speaking affiliates (both male and female) to impersonate victims to bypass phone authorization systems of various financial institutions. This marked an important milestone because law enforcement in Belarus cooperated with the FBI, even though the two countries have no diplomatic ties.

Deviant theory can be applied in this situation as scholars have described that there is need to stop the crimes by punishing those who breach the social norms. (Abrahamson, 1978)


There is prevalence of internet crimes. Spam emails, home jobs, pay per click are the most common tools on the part of cybercrime committers. There are also malicious software and downloads containing codes as well as some screensavers which are designed to steal the personal information.

Where these internet scams are a resource of making money it is also waste of time on the part of internet users who being aware of the fact that the email is spam open these emails. The internet users can avoid these scams.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Internet Crimes Deviance: Internet Crimes Assignment

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