Internet and Ethical Values Research Paper

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¶ … Jennings, M.M. (2002).Ethics in Cybercafe. TechFocus. The author discusses the importance of ethics in the new economy, which shows that the ethical principle is still the major method of doing business. Within the last few centuries, business leaders have continued to integrate ethics in their business portfolios because ethics have been the critical tools that shape the present business environment. Any business that deviates from ethics is bound to fail.

Jennings was a lecturer in one of the top universities in the United States and when the author was invited to deliver a speech about the importance of business ethics, many successful and young e-commerce entrepreneurs received the message with chilly reception. Some people even challenged him on the ground that his thought was outdated and he was not following the modern business trends. However, increasing revelation about the business practice within the next few years reveals that ethics is very critical in the new economy. No matter the business trends, ethical values and principles are still critical for business survival, and history continues to repeat itself. For example, MicroStrategy was very successful in the 1990s because the company was able to increase its stock price from $6 to $333. However, when the company announced in 2000 that Securities Exchange Commission was investigating its financial statements for the accounting misappropriation, its share price dropped from $333 to $62.

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Despite the importance of ethical principle in the new economy, many dotcoms still do not integrate business ethics in their financial reporting. However, companies that continue integrating ethics in their business models continue to be successful in the new economy. An example of such company is Dell.


TOPIC: Research Paper on Internet and Ethical Values Assignment

Baum, J.J. (2005). CyberEthics: The New Frontier. TechTrends, 49 (6), 54-55. The author argues that the explosion of internet has created a room for students to indulge in plagiarisms, and many students do not understand the acceptable policy with regard the intellectual property. Many students also do not realize that plagiarism or hacking is a crime because it infringes on the intellectual property right. A major factor leading to the rise in act of plagiarism among students is an easy method to get access to information through the internet. The author suggests that inclusion of computer ethics in the student's curricula is a way to address the problem of plagiarism. Schools across the United States should teach cyber ethics in the classroom to assist students to understand the acceptable policy with regard to the use of articles from the internet.


Frohmann, B. (2008). Subjectivity and Information Ethics. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59(2):267 -- 277. The author proposes some answers to the role and meaning of subjectivity and information ethics. The author provides a brief history of information ethics and some of the issues that constitute the information ethics under the copyright, information science, code of ethics. Under the information science, quality of information, intellectual property and cyberethics have been the major issues in the information ethics. The author further discusses the information ethics, moral rights and obligations. However, information ethics have given rise to the ethical issues in the digital and information age. The author proposes a triangular model to capture three facets of ethical situations, and the model is an element in an ethical situation that shapes an organizational environment.


Akcay, B. (2008). The Relationship Between technology and Ethics from Society to Schools. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE. 9(4), 120-127. The author discusses the ethical issues in education because of the recent development of internet and information technology. Recent growth in the World Wide Web and internet necessitates the changes in a way an instructor transfers knowledge to students. Technology has become a new tool in education and offered new opportunities for learning and teaching. However, computer ethics have also become importance that student should observe when using computer for studies. Thus, computer ethics need to be added to the school… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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