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Internet Marketing

Basically, Internet Marketing is the set of different strategies and techniques that are used on the Internet in order to support the various online services and marketing objectives that an organization would want to promote through the World Wide Web. Some of the more important goals may include the idea of diverting the traffic to any one particular website, so that the various features that may be present within the Website may prompt the visitor to the site into taking immediate action. The desired action may be to sell the product or service that would have been created and developed by the organization. Thus a sale would be accomplished, through the process of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing may include features like keywords, meta tag strategies, newsgroups, mail listing postings, banner advertising ideas, online promotions, links to other sites, online image development plans, content development plans and ideas, email strategies, and several other innovative and at times interactive features that would all accomplish the sale that is indeed the basic idea of an Internet Marketing plan or strategy. (Web Definitions of Internet Marketing)

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However, whatever be the strategy and plan for selling a product or service on the World Wide Web, it must always be remembered that there are various psychological needs that the customer would have. These needs would have to be analyzed in detail, and met fully if the organization hopes to persuade an individual to purchase a product or a service. Therefore, human interaction to the potential Internet customer is of utmost necessity when selling the product. How can this be achieved and what are the various ways and means in which it can be achieved? Some market researchers advocate the perusal of a 'five step process' in the Internet Marketing Strategy that would build up confidence and trust on the part of the customer, and this strategy or plan would meet the various different psychological needs of the customer even during the process of escorting the customer through the selection and then the purchasing processes. (Five levels of Internet Marketing and the Sales Process)

Term Paper on Internet Marketing Basically, Internet Marketing Is the Assignment

The creation of a successful online Internet Marketing strategy or in other words an online sales process can be successfully implemented as long as the Internet Marketer makes sure that the customer is escorted through the five steps of the entire sales process, and also ensure at the same time that the psychological needs of the customer are met and satisfied within reasonable limits. Suppose, for example, it is a product that is being sold, then there are some things that would have to be sifted through at the outset. These are the following factors: is the product being sold in order to represent any specific problem, or to solve any particular specialized need on the part of the marketer? If it is a service that is being offered, then is the marketer attempting to get in touch with reality, like for example, the real pain of the customer so that he feels a genuine interest in the particular service that is being offered by the marketer, because of which he may be interested in trying out the service? If the Internet Marketer feels that theses steps had not been met with, then he must make sure that he must implement them with immediacy, and then he would be able to enjoy the benefits and the fruits of a successfully planned and implemented Internet Marketing Strategy. (Five levels of Internet Marketing and the Sales Process)

In fact, it can even be stated that such improvements are a virtual necessity and are no longer an option with the marketer, and this means that one would definitely have to keep in mind at all times the psychological needs of the customer who has visited the site. These are then the five steps to a successful Internet Marketing Strategy that would generate more sales and more business and also more satisfaction for the customer. Step one is that of the marketing plan wherein the process of marketing or prospecting is carried out to the Target Audience or the Target Market. Step two involves the creation and the building of the basic foundations of trust and faith in the product or service that is being offered for sale. It will be after the thorough development of trust that the customer will be able to proceed to the next stage, and this is because of an important fact, which is that all the various steps are inter-related and inter-twined to one another, and the visitor to the site must be able to move from one stage to another in an uninterrupted and free manner, and the mere 'visitor' to the site will inevitably become converted into a 'customer', and the business will pick up and do well.

Therefore, once the visitor has accessed the second step of the Internet Marketing Strategy, then he would be able to move forward with ease, and it must also be remembered that it will only be after the satisfaction of the customer that the business is for real, and that he would be able to trust it, that he will proceed to the next stage. The third step therefore, is that of escorting and accompanying the prospective buyer through the entire marketing process. When the customer's needs are met at this stage, then almost 7 out of 10 visitors turn into customers of the product or service that is being offered. Step four is that of presenting the customer with that particular product or service that may meet that customers' needs the best. The last and final step would be to close the sale successfully, with a sense of happiness at deed well done. (Five levels of Internet Marketing and the Sales Process)

Why is an Internet Marketing Strategy important and how can you market your product or service through the Internet with success and in a manner that would generate more profits for the marketer? The fact is, is it at all possible to start a business, whether it is large or small, without a basic good business plan? Would a marketer place a hoarding after spending hundred of dollars on having it painted, in an area where there is absolutely no traffic? The answer is an emphatic 'No'. In the same way that a business would be very careful in spending more monetary resources on marketing and if he did, the manner in which he would ensure that he would generate the maximum amount of benefit out of the plan, an Internet Marketing Plan would also follow the same pattern. (Internet Marketing Strategy, why is it Important?) good Internet Marketing Plan must help the organization to position the product or service in such a manner that the target audience would be reached, in much the same way that a business would target its product at a certain segment of people, and not at anyone and everyone. The truth is that many an Internet Business fails to take off, and this may be because of the popular misconception that the Web designer who has designed and developed the Website is in fact an expert marketing person. The fact is, he is definitely not an expert in planning and creating a business plan and this is how most Internet Businesses fail very early after their inception. The design and the colors may be excellent, but it would fail to generate more traffic and convert the visitor into a customer, and this is where the emphasis must be laid in the development of a good Internet Marketing Strategy. (Internet Marketing Strategy, why is it Important?)

Prospecting' is an important method in which the targeted audience would be able to reach the website and access the information that is within, so that the Internet Marketing would be implemented well, and the expected results, that of increased sales, would be achieved. According to the Internet Marketing Support Material offered by '', there are about ten important tips that the Internet Marketer can use in order to achieve more traffic to his website as well as to generate more sales for his product or service. The first tip is that the marketer must learn to virtually insulate and protect himself and his Internet Business against the various types of impacts that change can bring about by the very simple process of increasing the number of products and services that he offers, as well as by utilizing a large variety of different marketing methods so that if the Internet Business were to be affected in any way, because of any number of different factors, then only a very small and minor portion of the total sales would actually be affected because of the phenomenon of the sales strategy failing miserably, or not being able to invoke the right and appropriate response in the customer, or if the sales of one product or service fails. (10 Important Marketing Tips)

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