Internet Marketing in Hotel Business Essay

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Hotel Website Plan --

Introduction and Business Background

A five star luxury hotel in Australia, located in the Sydney Airport on O' Riordan Street, Mywebsitehotel was inaugurated in the year 2000. The hotel's business idea is primarily to provide restaurant services and lodging to customers. This hotel boasts of several high-end services like flat screen televisions providing cable channels, Wi-Fi, wired internet and all of its 315 soundproof rooms featuring iPod docks. Users can also avail themselves of the hotel's mini-bars for obtaining refreshments, round-the-clock room service, tea/coffee makers, free newspapers and in-room babysitting (Stamford Plaza, 2015).

The hotel's restaurant, where customers can enjoy all three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), offers international cuisine. Its bar, the AV8 Bar and Cafe, offers drinks at lunch and dinnertime. The hotel features a swimming pool (outdoor), spa tub, sauna, steam room and fitness center. It further offers 4304 sq. ft. (400 sq. m) of facilities for events, and these include no less than 11 meeting and conference rooms, in addition to business amenities such as town car/limo service and a round-the-clock business center. Customers can enjoy Wi-Fi as well as wired Internet services in all public areas. Breakfast is served each morning from 6 AM to 10 PM. Valet parking and airport shuttle facilities are also provided for customer convenience (Stamford Plaza, 2015).

Business Goals and Website Goals

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The main goals of Mywebsitehotel for the financial year 2015 (Robbins, 2012):

Commitment to our guests -- to deliver 100% satisfaction to both our restaurant and accommodation guests

Commitment to our shareholders' interests -- to deliver high returns on investment for the financial years 2015

Commitment to our employees -- provide employees with the required support so as to retain them and have them work towards the realization of the company goals

Essay on Internet Marketing in Hotel Business Assignment

Commitment to effective leadership -- continue to uphold the position of the hotel in the Australian market through delivery of superior profitability, while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels (Stamford Plaza, 2015).

The goals of the website of the hotel and the whole online activity of the website are (Robbins, 2012):

To improve business reach

To enhance conversions

To raise retention levels

To improve credibility

To support visibility

To cultivate better relationships with the stakeholders (Robbins, 2012).

Competitor Website Analysis

Mywebsitehotel's leading competitor is the Stamford Plaza in Sydney Airport, chiefly due to location similarity, as well as product compensation. Stamford Plaza's website offers a definite visual appeal to customers because of its layout, which is simple but effective. The site is clean with an impeccable look; it works well for those with no technical background. Its comfortable and well-made layout gives visitors a feeling that they are in competent hands and can find information easily on the website. Its design is professional, though its fonts (or font size) could do with some changes (such as adopting a more rounded type of font) to match its professional aura. The graphics used are small, fast-loading and minimal, and the image colors go together well (Stamford Plaza, 2015).

The site offers easy navigation as all links are present on the page's upper bar. Those who don't possess image-loading web browsers can easily access these links through the text; this is a very essential and useful quality in a site. Having a section in the center of the site's homepage to display highlights is a great idea as it cannot be missed, and allows easy reader access to all the important information (Stamford Plaza, 2015).

Target Audience

The groups of people who just look to leave behind their hectic daily routines and responsibilities and go off on travels are not likely to value the efforts made by the hotel to cater to them. Sustainability efforts will have to be carried out "behind the scenes," with the communication focusing on improvement of their experience with the hotel. The major consumer group comes from those who have "feel good" issues; they possess heightened awareness but do not go all-out and act. They will not look for information; however, they will favorably respond to messages which portray that they easily can "do their bit" and where they can obtain a better and sustainable product/service. This category will keenly read about the hotel in travel pages, not because of its sustainability, but because it is different and interesting (Middleton et al., 2009). The group might include leisure or business/corporate guests, agency bookers, online or offline bookers, mass markets or niche markets (that is, adventure).

Forecasted Use Environments

In the present day, bookers and other lookers access the internet, in general, to a greater extent than just for viewing of the hotel's websites while on the move. This they access through their Smartphones and portable tablets (Robbins, 2012). To efficiently cater to the current website user environment, as also the conventional PC user's environment, it is critical to have a responsive web design (RWD) for the hotel's website.

User Tasks

Online Room Booking Engines: In order to maximize conversions, cease loss of sales and prevent guests from being encouraged to book rooms with the use of third-party portals for booking, a booking engine must be installed, with real- time display of available, bookable rooms, thereby eliminating the use of date request booking forms (Middleton et al., 2009).

Review functions: Photos that display the hotel's interior and exterior along with videos of customers, on the website, offer customers the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding the interior and facilities provided by the hotel (Middleton et al., 2009). This reduces operating costs as the requirement of hiring employees for the purpose of sending them to different areas for promoting the hotel is removed.

Gaining more information regarding the hotel: The website will present all information to customers, such as services provided and room specifications, in addition to the "About Us" section aimed at providing hotel information and settling all credibility doubts (Middleton et al., 2009).

Website Content and Development Tools

The program WordPress is great for creation of blogs and websites, and offers personalized web hosting plans. It belongs to the newly-emerged website creator category, called Content Management Systems (CMS). These creators do not require HTML or other programming languages. Almost all of the website's design elements are controlled with the use of icons or intuitive menu (Middleton et al., 2009).

Guests need to be able to locate the hotel. The free tools offered by Google should be used, and an adequate sized map should be opted for. These can be standard, topographic or satellite maps. Links should be provided to the Google+ page of the hotel. This is a web design feature that guarantees high impact on customers (Cooper et al., 2008).

Creation of videos is easy with free, affordable software such as Magisto and video editors such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie (Robbins, 2012). It is great to have an explainer for the hotel's concept or offer a video tour, which facilitates booking conversions.

On the homepage, the site will have the company logo, and mainly visual graphics on the main services offered by the hotel; restaurant and accommodations services. Through a glance on the homepage, a visitor will be able to get a general idea on what to expect from the hotel. The homepage will have very minimal text (Robbins, 2012). A booking slot will be provided on one side (left side) of the homepage to allow for easy, fast, and direct booking without having to navigate to other pages.

The services page will have a detailed description of the various services available in the hotel. This will include possible videos to orient a first-timer to the services on offer as well as the real settings in the hotel. Under services the site will have drop down menus, for accommodation and restaurant services (Robbins, 2012).

Next is "About Us" page which will provide viewers with a brief and concise background of the hotel, its history, ownership, leadership both current and previous, and the company goals, mission, and vision (Robbins, 2012). This page will have portrait pictures along with descriptive text.

The other pages will be for special events that can be hosted in the hotel, namely conferences and meetings and weddings. These pages will have descriptive text as well as images of arrangements meant for each event (Robbins, 2012).

Website Content Storyboard

A critical aspect to the website's success is ensuring that Mywebsitehotel is maintained at highest levels for preserving the hotel's first-rate branding. The website content reflects the hotel's high standard. An essential aspect is spending more on marketing material to guarantee that they place the hotel's message of "high quality" on the forefront for returning and potential customers (Cooper et al., 2008). The hotel's trustworthiness can be reinforced by displaying content like certifications and awards, which influences booking decisions.

Website Template Designs

The finest websites are made with an insightful understanding of the needs, interests and expectations of the visitors. The visual design, text, navigation and organization should work in harmony to enable visitors to obtain important information… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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