Internet Security Term Paper

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Such a loss would be devastating. Other tools like Telnet and FTP are also important and its use cannot be eliminated. Username and passwords are sent in clear text by telnet and FTP and any outside intervention can cause the loss of privacy. However improved versions with secure authentication methods are being developed that do not undergo clear text transmission and thus organizations should update their systems to use those.

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Tools that scan for and detect security holes within the network should be adhered to by organizations. These tools would scan for any vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers. This would be a preemptive step in the security measures that an organization would take and high risk vulnerabilities can be addressed as a priority before any incident of unauthorized access can occur thus keeping safe critical data. Moreover benchmarks should be used to keep the security up-to-date. "Benchmarks are complex documents and most system administrators and security practitioners have neither the time nor the breadth of expertise to test every aspect man-ually. Automated testing makes that job easy and reliable" (Alan Paller). The U.S. government has also been stepping up its fight for a better internet security for organizations. "The Energy Department, along with four other federal agencies and the Center for Internet Security (CIS), today announced the release of a security configuration benchmark for Oracle Database Versions 8i and 9i running on Windows and Unix" (Grant Gross). Extensible Authentication Protocol Over Ethernet is a very important tool for security. It is used for wireless and wired protocols.

Term Paper on Internet Security With the Increasing Assignment

Internet has opened doors to hackers and other mischievous people to cause disruptions and loss to individuals as well as organizations. Many competitor organizations also make use of these unfair means to tap into vital data to gain an insight on the plans of their competitors. Such unethical means although wrong are on the rise and they will never end. Newer ways will be developed by people for such unfair means and indeed newer ways will be developed by others to ensure top notch security. The advantages of internet cannot be overlooked and it has served to be a vital ingredient in ecommerce. People access it from their PCs and cell phones while organizations need it for their own benefits. Thus it is important for organizations to use security tools in order to prevent any misfortune. Organizations normally have employee data, customer data and other critical data which could be easily misused if gone in the wrong hands. Hence it is important for them to protect it with all means possible. Firewalls, anti-viruses, spam protection are all tools that would save a company from monetary losses. Benchmarks should also be used by companies to detect and be informed of any security loopholes that its network might have. Some services that are potentially dangerous like email, remote login etc. are also important to use and their use cannot be omitted. Therefore organizations should use protective measures against these to minimize or eliminate others from gaining access to their systems.


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