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Due to the availability of such materials, some individuals download them without recognizing the danger in such action. Several accounts of becoming 'accidentally' involved in child pornography have

Internet Addiction 7

been reported. Perhaps more dangerous is the actual acting out of pedophiliac fantasies via the Internet. Several known cases of pedophiliacs meeting children in online chat rooms and luring them into real life sexual encounters have been reported. While such behavior is independent of Internet addiction (i.e. Internet addiction does not increase the probability of pedophilia), some pedophiliacs have displayed signs of this condition, and thus pedophilia does increase the likelihood of Internet addiction.

Online Games:

There are several anecdotal reports of addiction to (What is Internet Addiction? Davis A. Richard) 2 online gaming. Multi-user games in particular are most frequently cited as being the source of Internet addiction.

To explain a typical online gaming situation, consider a virtual game of chess. Players meet in a central website, where they are usually listed according to previous experience (i.e. rank) or some other measure of playing ability. Two players decide to match up, and they move to a private, virtual chess board. The players then interact

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real-time as they play out the chess match. Such behavior is common in Internet addiction for several reason. Firstly, it is anonymous and easily accessible. Secondly, it is free.

Thirdly, these games reward players for staying on and playing longer. As such, addictive behavior is actually reinforced (by awarding higher rankings, points, etc.).

Finally, people now always have someone to a play a game with them. How important is that? It is crucial in that it becomes an endless supply of opponents who the Internet addict never gets tired with. Moreover, this becomes the Internet Addiction 8

Term Paper on Internet Started Way Back 3 Assignment

ideal way to procrastinate or waste time and avoiding life problems. Particular games have been highly susceptible to Internet addictions, including Role Playing Games such as

Sony's "Everquest," and card playing games, such as

Yahoo! "Games."

Online Casinos:

Cases of Internet addiction involving online casinos

(What is Internet Addiction? Davis A. Richard) 2 have also appeared in the media and psychological literature. Online casinos offer virtual gambling over the Internet. A user can play Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Roulette, and other casino games over the Internet. In a typical online casino, a player may come to the casino website, enter a credit card number, and select which game he or she would like to play. After that, the individual may wager real money (up to the amount available on the credit card) just like in a real casino. These online casinos have been popular on the Internet, and are especially dangerous for the Internet addict.

Online Stock Trading:

The incredible rise in the U.S. stock market in the (What is Internet Addiction? Davis A. Richard) 2 1990's, coupled with the availability and access to stock information and online stock trading, has resulted in addiction to trading such stocks over the Internet. In what

is known as "day trading," individuals trade stocks several times a day. Such feverish trading results in severe

emotional stress and economic risk taking, as one's financial position vacillates tremendously during the course of each day. Day traders spend hours and hours reading

Internet Addiction 9

information about hot companies, trading information with others, using online technical data, and making actual trades. This behavior is clearly indicative of Internet addiction. With the recent decline in the U.S. stock markets, some of these day traders have admitted to losing millions of dollars.

Online Auctions:

A popular application on the Internet is the online

(What is Internet Addiction? Davis A. Richard) 2 auction.

In particular the website eBay offers the widest variety of products, and maintains the largest number of regular users.

Millions of items are sold on eBay each week. It is much like the biggest, best online yard sale in the world. Why is this so popular? Online auctions allow people from rural areas around the world to sell their personal items at whatever cost they choose. The thrill of a 'sell' or 'buy' is much the same as an online stock trade. North Americans in particular are consumed with finding bargains, and online auctions allow people to trade their goods easily and without great expense.

In all (What is Internet Addiction? Davis A. Richard) 2, there are several other online activities that are indicative of Internet addiction. While applications may come and go in popularity, the biding property remains the vehicle with which these applications are accessed.

Internet Addiction covers a broad variety of behaviors, activities and impulse-

control problems. In order to understand Internet addiction, its causes, we must categorize this addiction into the following five specific types of Internet addiction:

Internet Addiction 10

1) PC Addiction:

Many computer games have been inbuilt in the 80s, computer games such as solitaire and minesweeper were programmed into computers and many researches have found that because of these obsessive computer games playing is making the organization suffer in terms of quality, productivity because employees waste the precious time playing rather than working. Although there's no Internet involved here, but it an addiction which is on the same lines as the ones followed by the other kinds of Internet addiction.

2) Cyber sexual Addiction:

People who are usually involved in cyber sexual addiction are engaged in viewing, downloading, and trading online pornography or taking part in adult fantasy role-play chat rooms.

3) Cyber-Relational Addiction:

The masses suffering from chat room mania become too obsessive in developing relationships online and may even engage themselves in virtual adultery. The obsession goes so far that the online friends become more important to the individual often at the expense of real life relationships with family and friends, wherein the chances are that this will cause marital discord and family instability.

4) Net Gaming:

Net gaming involves a wide category of activities including gaming, obsessive online gambling, shopping, or stock trading activities. Especially, individuals will

Internet Addiction 11

participate in virtual casinos, interactive games, e-auction houses, or e-brokerage houses only to waste tons of money and even at the cost of their beloved, meaningful relationships & the waste of time at the dispense of other job-related chores.

4) Information Overload:

The wealth of information available on the net has propagated a very unique and new kind of compulsive behavior amongst the surfers, web users regarding extreme web surfing and database searches. People spend more time now than ever before searching, collecting and organizing tons of information from the Internet. Obsessive compulsive behaviors and attitudes & reduced productivity in work are typically associated with this information overload.

Internet Addiction Disorder

The World Wide Web is an enormous entity in terms of the unimaginable amounts of information available on absolutely any topic and it is a major part of our daily life activities. Pupils and teachers use it for research purposes. Doctors use it to learn more about unfamiliar diseases and the latest medical developments. Ordinary folks use it for emailing friends, family members or possibly to shop and to do their mandatory banking, billing chores online without even going to the banks and shops in physical terms. Masses all over the world use it to connect with people of other nations and cultures. Because of Internet we have entered into a new domain of untenable information where you are never sure what you will come across with next. From one web site you can jump start to another and keep embarking new places and you can learn

Internet Addiction 12

so many things in such a short span of time that before you know it, you become addicted to it. Even then you are okay but some people tend to take it one step further when they forget about every other thing such as relationships, their daily chores and going to work, they consider all these things standing in between their love for the Internet. People addictive to internet commune more easily with their computers rather than their family members and consequently they diverge from intimate tendency that one carries for his/her family members or friends which leads to tension, fights and disharmony in the family.

Internet Addiction Disorder is not similar to the kinds of addiction that are medically recognized but it certainly is a threatening, out of control behavior which overwhelms the norms of life for an addict. Even after knowing problems such as physical, social and psychological which are the inevitable consequences of extreme

Internet use as less sleep, marital hazards, negligence of appointments in the early morning and loss of responsibility in the job related duties and abandoning significant, important relations; the love for Internet grows further and deeper until the addict seems to be fatally trapped in this senseless juggernaut of Iternet fiasco.

In the ever evolving field of addiction research, studies show that IAD (Internet

Addiction Disorder) is wreaking problems in the society… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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