Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Aer Lingus Essay

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Internet Technology, Marketing, And Security

Aer Lingus is Spanish for 'air' (aer) and lingus (equal). Aer Lingus is a government-owned airline which was founded in the month of April 1936. It is 29.4% owned by its archrival, Ryanair and 25.4% of the company is owned by the Irish Government. The rest of the shares are held by private investors on the Dublin and London stock exchanges Aer Lingus, 2011()

Product information

In terms of product information on their website, the company provides detailed information on their various products and services on their website. This includes travel information, information on the gold circle membership, travel essentials, vouchers, hotels and cars as well as other help information.

In the travel information section, customers can plan and book their flights and get information on the various things that they need to know before they fly such as airport information, baggage, check-in, etc. Other travel information that is available includes information on in-flight entertainment, meals and shopping as well as special offers that are available on their website Aer Lingus, 2012f ()

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The gold circle club section provides information about their frequent flyer programme which allows members to earn flyer points that they can then redeem for various discounts. Information that is available in this section includes the frequently asked questions about the programme, information on access to lounges, terms and conditions, how to contact the gold circle, how the points are earned and how rewards work, as well as information on other partner deals that are available for gold circle members Aer Lingus, 2012c ()

Essay on Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Aer Lingus Assignment

The travel essentials section provides information for travelers. It is divided into four sections. One is before you go where they give information on baggage, check-in, seat selection and travel insurance. The at-the-airport section provides information on access to lounges. The in-the-air section provides information on sky shopping. The last section is the while-you-are-away section which gives information on car hire, hotels, Disney parks, trains, taxis, events and activities Aer Lingus, 2012e ()

Contact information

The website of Aer Lingus provides us with all necessary contact information of the organization. It has the contact phone numbers of the various office locations of the company such as their Ireland, UK, U.S. And Canada offices. They also provide information such as opening hours for the various offices. For the U.S.A. And Canada office, the opening hours are from 08:30-20:45 EST for weekdays (Mon-Fri) and 09:00-18:15 EST on weekends. Other contact information that is provided is for the various departments which are the reservations department for the various countries, group bookings, and special assistance such as medical inquiries Aer Lingus, 2012b ()

The website also provides contact information i.e. email addresses and phone numbers for the reservations and group bookings departments in various European countries where the company works. These include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Switzerland, etc. Aer Lingus, 2012b ()

Information is also provided for the various companies which represent Aer Lingus in other countries in the world such as Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Thailand Aer Lingus, 2012b ()

Aer Lingus also sells membership to their Gold Circle Club which gives members access to exquisite airport lounges which are exclusive to card holders, special services such as preference in choosing their seats, dedicated check-in and more Aer Lingus, 2011.

The company has also placed contact information for the Gold Circle administration in the various countries which they operate Aer Lingus, 2012b ()

Other contact information that is provided is for assistance on baggage tracing and cargo services in the various countries. Contact information for the customer care units in Ireland, UK and USA are also provided. These include the fax numbers, postal addresses and email addresses Aer Lingus, 2012b ()

Customization of products for customers

Regarding customization of the company's products, the company allows customers to book various flights to their destination as they please. The customers are able to choose the seat that they would like as well as other extras such as hotels, cars and airport pickups. Other customizations include the date and time of travel, booking access to lounges, upgrades to business class, online check-in, as well as other extras such as booking tickets to the Universal Orlando Theme Park Aer Lingus, 2012d ()

Customer information at purchase

At purchase, the customer receives all necessary information regarding the product they have purchased. This information includes the total price they are paying with an itemized description of the bill. The customer is also given a chance to change any details in the bill such as quantity and to remove certain packages or extras that they do not desire. The customer is also provided with any additional information regarding their purchase such as the cancellation policy, terms and conditions, etc. The customer is also able to see the voucher or discount code that they have entered for their purchase. In some cases such as when booking care rentals, the customer is able to see images of what they are paying for.

Internet marketing strategies and the competitive advantage provided by the website

Aer Lingus have always had a business model centered on low cost pricing. All their fares are lower than their competitors, and they always make sure to maintain their costs at the least possible value in order to provide flights at this cheap pricing. Strategies that are incorporated to make this a reality include effective fleet management and utilization. They also offer one way fares which are advantageous to one-time or one-way travelers who do not need return fare deals. Aer Lingus primarily sells their tickets online via their website, In the year 2010, a little over 80% of their total revenue from passengers was generated through tickets bought from the website Aer Lingus, 2010()

Aer Lingus benefits in many ways from using the internet as their major marketing tool. One is that they receive huge commissions from currency conversions done during online transactions. Another major advantage is that the company is able to maintain a low cost of operation. The company strives to keep the cost of operation down so that they can provide tickets at low prices. Some of the methods that have been used include ensuring their aircraft are always working efficiently, use of the internet for sales to reduce cost of sales efforts and use of secondary airport with lower airport charges Aer Lingus, 2011()

One of the internet marketing strategies applied by Aer Lingus is that of social marketing on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The company uses these social networks to receive valued feedback from their customers regarding their products and the company can also pass important marketing information to customers via these social networks.

Second is the use of the company blog which provides information on the company such as company news and other marketing information such as special offers.

The third internet marketing strategy is the use of the Aer Lingus website for customers to book their tickets as well as other items of their travel such as hotels and car rentals.

Aer Lingus' privacy policy

The company values the personal privacy of their customers. It has a dedicated privacy policy page which gives detailed information regarding this. The page is regularly updated and all necessary measure have been taken to keep personal information private. This includes the use of SSL certificates on their web forms which prevents eavesdropping of the information being sent from the customer to the company. The company also does not sell or give out the personal information that is provided to them by customers. Some of the personal information that is collected includes name, postal address, credit or debit card number and expiration date, billing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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