Internet Technology Marketing and Security Research Paper

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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

Internet technology, marketing and security

In the modern society, technological advancements have made access to all type of information very easy. The internet business has enabled government agencies as well as corporation to have an online sites for organizational and product information, communication, customer loyalty and marketing sales. A major challenge occurs when these organizations try to balance effective marketing, communication and sales with security. In any organizational web site, it must have a security policy and use program tools premeditated to guard those who visit the site and give details of their information during the event of finding information or purchasing a product. Each year however, numerous accounts report cases ranging from minor to serious security breaches whereby an authorized party gains access to the customer's personal information Jin, 2010.

In this paper, Sony Corporation is the selected organization that has faced security breach in the past three years.


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Sony Corporation is a multinational firm that operates its business in the global market and belongs to Japan with its headquarters in Tokyo. It produces electronic products, consumer and professional markets. The company is uniquely positioned as one of the world's leading digital entertainment brands as it offers an outstanding portfolio of exciting multimedia content with its music, pictures, games and online businesses making billions of sales and employing thousands of people worldwide Kim et al., 2011()

Research Paper on Internet Technology Marketing and Security Assignment

The Corporations website provides relevant information about its products, services and purchasing details to the customer. Sony Corporation has developed its website effectively to attract its customers to purchase its products. All relevant information regarding the products is provided and in addition to the list of the products offered are the various categories of the available products. The products attributes including brand name, functionality, safety, packaging, repairs, warranty, accessories and services help in product decision and can always be manipulated depending on what the target market wants. It is in the nature of the customers to always look for new and improved products, hence the reason for Sony marketers improving existing products, developing new ones and discontinuing the old ones that are no longer required by the customer Jin, 2010()

The firm has also ensured that relevant information regarding contact details about its stores and company is provided for easier connection of the customers to the firm. Customers are given the opportunity to ask selected questions or to give their opinions. The website also has attractive and valuable information on provision of information on the appropriate website of any given region in the world. Details regarding providing help to the issues affecting customers whether technical or interactive are clearly outlined and specific location of the corporation's offices where customers can visit or address their mails.

On the website, customers have the opportunity to give ideas about selected products that fit their needs that is it provides for the customization of their products and services. Though not all products can be customized, it is important for the Corporate to become part of the new experience by enabling the customers become participants in designing their own products and services and therefore, derive pleasure and value during utilization of the commodity that conforms to their needs and personal preferences. Customization in the corporate website has been encouraged by factors such as less demand for readymade products, globalization that has increased competition in the internet sites for different companies, more profits are generated, the company gets actual data on the customer's preference and enables them stay in the market that is ever changing making them very flexible. When purchasing products and services from Sony Corporate website, there is no intermediary service. The customer is to provide his/her personal information having agreed to the terms and conditions of the service to be provided. Information data from customers out of the United States is usually sent to the United States as described in the privacy policy of the Corporate.

The marketing strategy of Sony Corporation is such that it influences the customer's perception about its products and services so that the consumer and organizational objectives are met. It has diversified its products, place for distribution, price range and the internet promotional strategy is quite competitive as it's a controllable means to create awareness about the organizations products and services and their features, influence the customer's attitudes favorably and allows the group to have the largest market share. Sony Corporation has both physical and online shopping venues Kim, et al., 2011.

The online shopping experience is easy and convenient. The marketing environment involves factors that are beyond the control of the company and should therefore adapt its strategies appropriately. In facing competition from other Corporations such as Samsung and Sanyo, that threatens to take away markets in the global scope, the customers have a wide variety to choose from but the marketing strategy of Sony Corporation has invested in product development to increase awareness of its brand among consumers.

The internet marketing strategies include a website loaded with adequate information on the company's products, services and a range of shopping alternatives. It has established a network of services tailored to the needs of the consumers and initiated training of the employees to enable them respond to the queries of the customers. Secondly, the focus on research and development has helped the company come up with technologically innovative products in the market enabling the group revive its products base as needs are indicated by customers. The other strategy involves branding whereby products are placed along with the corporate name so that the product assumes its own identity and positioning and also draws the strength of the corporate brand. This boosts customer confidence in the product and this strategy has been used to launch new products in the market Boone & Kurtz, 2011.

Recently Sony corporate has a competitive advantage over its competitors as it launched the first online tutorial that provides tips and information about its products in the market and this not only motivate the buyers to buy the item they have learnt about, but more specifically buy a Sony product. Other advantages of the website as a marketing strategy is that consumers can provide feedback in research and development and the corporate will know what to alter to fit the consumer needs.

Sony Corporation privacy policy explains that the corporation may collect information when customers interact with them and other practices with respect to that information. The information collected applies to when the customer is both online and offline and through any other interactive features including blogs, social networks and other technologies that post a link to the privacy policy Kim, et al., 2011.

Other sub-sites accessible through the corporate main website may also have their own specific privacy policy that should be reviewed every time one visits the sites. Sony Corporation has been fighting different groups of hackers for example, recently the group experienced a security breach whereby an unauthorized person was able to access the names, address, birthdates, password and login and the profile data including billing addresses and purchasing history for 77 million individuals who were subscribed to the play station network services and other online gaming networks leading to one of the largest internet data losses in history. In response, the company engaged legal authorities and took six days before disclosing the tragedy to the public. This may be an eternity to gamers whose network is down due to the breach. "However, this was acceptable assuming that the corporation was truly working with law enforcement and the delay had a genuine purpose" Boone & Kurtz, 2011.

This calls for the customers to closely monitor bank accounts and credit cards because a third party out there has information that can give them access into these accounts Boone & Kurtz, 2011()

Due to the relaxed security posture of many large scale security companies it becomes a motivation for group to individuals to find a way in thereby causing the security breach trend getting worse. Until the companies make an effort, the trend can only grow due to the potential of gaining huge amount of valuable information especially the consumer's personal information. As customers we should be conscious of the fact that we cannot fully trust business companies who we give our information to. We should clearly observe which companies are well-known and carry out the internet business effectively. We should also prepare a list of institutions to contact in the event that personal data is stolen so they can take action to protect our information from the cybercriminals who want to steal from us. We should also not provide non-essential information that can be used to steal our identity by means of tracking for example by providing a family name that is directly linked to us and finally we should use a different password for each online account to make it difficult to access other accounts in the event that data gets to the wrong hands… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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