Term Paper: Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

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[. . .] The company is a pertinent member of social media marketing in the world. Through the social media, the company has managed to elicit its innate productivity plans and successes in the global market. The company has sponsored a number of events and activities that assist in boosting its awareness and sale of its products in the market. Through sponsorship of sporting events and other international activities, the company has established a permanent market. Samsung Company is a proud sponsor of Chelsea football club in the United Kingdom (Funk, 2012). Moreover, the company has established links and websites that are used to reach many clients in the global market.

With the use of the social media, Samsung Company has remained as a special hit in the world. The company has produced and sold many mobile phones and electronic devices of diverse use in the market. For instance, the company has manufactured and sold large volumes of electric appliances, electronic devices like fridges, and sporting wear used in sports and other activities in the world. The success that the company has achieved is rooted to its knowledge and dominance in the social media. The company has joined online marketing techniques like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Through these channels, the company has sustained growth and fulfilment of its products to potential and new clients in the global and local markets (Zimmerman & Ng, 2013).

The future of businesses with the use of the social media and its improvements to boost it

The social media has proved to be the only tool that will be used in marketing in the future. It is certain that almost every business in the world has embraced the services of the social media in the creation of marketing strategies and strategies in the local and international scenes. The potential future is assumed to engage the social media in every business strategy. For instance, production is perceived to be involvement of the social media facilities and technologies. There is an immense of technology in the present trends of performance in the market. For instance, the old systems of marketing are dying out gradually. Possibly, many businesses are leaving the old trends of marketing and adopting the new avenues in the market (Funk, 2012). With immediate specifications of the modern social media marketing avenues, the old trends are becoming obsolete.

The future of many businesses has been established under the umbrella of the social media. With the use of the social media, these businesses are proving to have intensified significance in the market. These businesses perceive that, with the use of the social media, the global market will be an easy field of entry and involvement. For instance, many businesses will find ease of entry and exemplification of marketing with the use of the social media. The channels of communication are transportation and perceived to be on immense increase. Many businesses are currently using the social media instead the old avenues marketing tools by embracing the new methodologies of production (Funk, 2012).

Apart from business activities, the social media is taking shape and altering the trends of productivity and success. For instance, the social media is changing trends of communication, education and delivery of educational content, and human interaction in the world. With these advances taking place, it is certain to perceive a market involving the social media in its production channels. Therefore, the social media is taking ground and becoming an exciting and only avenue in marketing globally.

Over the next decade, many businesses are perceived to change their avenues of production and marketing. For instance, all the businesses that are not using the social media as a basic tool of marketing risk being extinct out of the global market. With the use of the present trends of productivity in the market, it is possible to have avenues of productivity that will require every business to engage in social media marketing. For the next decade, businesses that are involving the social media now will have transformed into other intensified avenues of performance and production in the market. Improvement in the present social media channels will force almost all the remaining businesses to engage in social media marketing. This is because the social media appears as the only relevant and successful option of marketing (Evans & McKee, 2010).

The social media

In order to manage future success through the social media, it is necessary for many businesses to start avenues of engaging the social media as the basic channels of transport and communication in their businesses. For instance, it would be easy to have channels of marketing that enable clients relate similar products from various producers in the market. Such aspects can only be possible if all businesses in the world have involved the social media as the basic channel of marketing.

All businesses should involve new approaches of technology in their procedures of production and marketing. For instance, technology should be the only tool that enables these businesses to exist in the market without involving old strategies of marketing. Small businesses and entrepreneurs should have the social media as the fundamental marketing strategy. Through such avenues, it will be easy to engage the social media as the global market transforms to full use of the social media. Moreover, clients who are users of products and services from different producers should be enlightened on how they can involve the social media in order to have their purchasing activities improved. The effectiveness of the social media is perceived when dealing with avenues of production that are directed at establishing the best avenues of productivity in the market (Zarrella, 2010).


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