Interpersonal Communications Communication Is Very Important Essay

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Interpersonal Communications

Communication is very important in all types of relationships so that people can connect with one another to find out how to make things n peace. In order to communicate properly, people must use interpersonal communication skill to move things forward especially in the workplace. For example, I work at a local pub as dish/glass picker, and the management also had me in charge of everyone who worked as dish picker, which involves me to do a lot communication between bartender and my staff. Since English is my second language (I'm Chinese), it created a lot problem over the time, eventually affecting my own job performance. From research, I am learning that outlining the outcomes will help to alleviate potential ambiguity. When using interpersonal communication skills, it is very important to be flexible when needed to support (DeVito, 2005). From there, it is very important for me to use interpersonal communication skills in order to have more effective communication in the workplace.

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My personal experience with interpersonal communication has not been very successful in the workplace because English is my second language. This is unfortunate because my background in business, leadership, coupled with my comprehensive researcher background would be enhance my abilities as head dish picker. In the past, I have shown that I have work experience in management while going to school, which gave me a strong work ethic and demonstrated that I was not afraid to work hard. Along with that, my classes gave me the knowledge that I needed in business. I am also knowledgeable of business troubleshooting and problem solving, which has me to identify and analyze management-related issues, therefore, I know how to develop new solutions to business issues. In other words, I have been trained for leadership roles due to what I had to do in past employment and what classes I took.. With these skills and my current flexible work, my only downfall has been interpersonal communication skills with my coworkers.

TOPIC: Essay on Interpersonal Communications Communication Is Very Important in Assignment

Being in charge of all of the dish pickers was very hard for me I could not communicate effectively because my English was not that good. The other dish pickers had a hard time taking order from me because we always mis-communicated. This, unfortunately effected the workplace in a negative way because things would behind schedule. However, through this negative experience, I learned that human communication is very important in any environment. People want to be able to share thoughts and feelings with others so that they can make a connection with them. People need a sense of belonging to something so that they can grow as a person. It is true that I felt a disconnection with the other employees because there was a language barrier between us. So, it was hard to find a connection with them but I found a way through humor, which made an easier work environment (Sole 2011).

I feel that working as a group or team is very important in order to work effectively. I also believe working together as one is important in order to ensure productivity along with new ideas for companies. This is because I feel that a team will help to maintain productivity. The interpersonal relationships are important so that the team can communicate effectively and be able to understand what direction they need to go with the productivity of the workplace. Working in group effort may be hard sometimes because interpersonal relationships need to be solid in order for the employees to be able to listen to another. People want to belong to groups and one way to make them feel like they belong is have effective listening in the workplace. If there is effective listening, employees feel like the leader is connected to them, which will a more effective work environment.

Due to the fact that my second language is English, I have talked peacefully to my coworkers. I have tried to talking calmly with them. Furthermore, I have shown them what I want done and how it should be done. I have told them to be patient with me because English is my second language. In other words, it shows the communication issue that I have with my coworkers is not uncommon (a, 2005).

From personal experience, communication in the written form, it is not easy neither for me. Written communication is considered to be in the action model, which is a theory that communication is only one way or the communication broken down. For example, in verbal communication, the conversations went very long and we were both on the same page. Neither one of us talked about different things at once. Both of us listen to one another and paid attention. Being verbal and communication by writing are two different communication styles, therefore, the written form would be broken down as the action model suggested for interpersonal relationships. This is because in written form one person may be short and brief in their responses compared to the other person's response, which may be longer (Irwin, 2012).

In interpersonal communications, there can be noise that prevents the message to be clear. Such noise could include physical and cultural difference, which is something I experienced. However, with patience, I am learning that by being in a manger's position, people are not prone to be bias if they feel someone is effectively listening to them and being empathic. In order to do this sometimes, humor can be a great way to connect with someone. From there, within interpersonal communication, people can use humor as well as Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence helps a person to understand another person's emotions and helps to break up a misunderstanding, which can conflict with work performance. In other words, as head dish picker, I should have used Emotional Intelligence to connect with my coworkers. (Akomolafe, M., & Adebayo, M.. 2012).

Along with that, in the article, "Can we talk?," it shows communication is very important in any interpersonal relationship. Furthermore, communication and self-disclosure can be the key to make a relationship to work. The sender and the receiver of the communication must show patience with one another in order to make the communication effective. As stated above, humor and effective listening can help make the interpersonal communication work in the workplace if a situation arises to where there is anger, it is recommended to use humor to distract the anger emotion and allow the person to calm down. In this case, self-disclosure may help to distract the negative event. The person could tell a funny story about themselves to get humor out of the angry person. In this case, the person is using humor and self-disclosure to connect with someone in the workplace by demonstrating interpersonal communication skills. From there, it is also appropriate to use Affection Affirmation to distract the situation to be a negative one. It can help to prevent a fight to go further by allowing humor to be used or letting a person show the other person that they are grateful for their work. This can be demonstrated by a thank you or a firm hand shake. Employees just want to be recognized as a part of team. By using these interpersonal communication skills, it is likely that English being my second language would not be an issue in the workplace because I would be able to connect with my coworkers without feeling inferior.

"Her study also found that "affective affirmation" -- basically, behavior that makes your partner feel loved, cared for or special -- plays a role in happy marriages and that men need it more than women. Affective affirmation can be as simple as a hug, a thank you or buying a partner's favorite food. Men tend to favor gestures of affirmation over words, Orbuch says. Women tend to go with verbal affirmation. it's OK to fulfill the requirements of the 10-minute rule by phone or e-mail a few times a week. But you have to talk in person on the other days, and you have to ask questions that relate to your partner's inner life: his or her goals, values, best friends or sources of stress"(Schoenberg, 2011).

It is apparent that Affection Affirmation is a technique that can be applied to all types of relationship because even employees and coworkers want to know that they are appreciated. Affection Affirmation is not gender bias, therefore it can be used on men and women. This is true despite the fact that men appear to be emotional stronger than women, meaning they would claim they do not need Affection Affirmation, even though they need it too. For example, there was a time where I said thank you to a male coworker, it made him smile and motive him to work harder, therefore even in a work relationship, a thank you can go a long way.

However, there are times where low self-esteem can be a contributor ineffective interpersonal communication especially in the workplace when we are in the back… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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