Crooklyn Film: Interpersonal Communication Essay

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This communicates that reasonable language, women’s concerns, and financial concerns related to survival is not enough to be heard and acknowledged in the world. For example, in the following exchange Carolyn attempts to assert her need for dignity when paying the family bills, an important part of her respectable image as a schoolteacher, while Woody only thinks about his music:

Carolyn: Damn it, Woody, you bounced another check.

Woody: I thought we had it covered. I'll get some money.

Carolyn: When?

Woody: When? What do you think I'm doing right here? Gem, Let me just finish this music.

It is said that “successful communication doesn’t depend only on the person who takes the lead” (Adler and Proctor 12). But over and over again, Woody refuses to hear Carolyn’s fears and worries, not simply about the specific incident of a bounced check in this instance, but her larger, articulated concerns about the future of the children and their future as a couple. Social roles are an important part of understanding the communication process as well as social context. On one hand, the poverty and desperation around the children is an undeniable stressor upon their relationships with the neighborhood and their parents’ relationship. On the other hand, Carolyn finds herself repeatedly positioned into the less “fun” role of the partnership she is involved with.

Crooklyn: Interpersonal and Family Communications Analysis

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It is Carolyn who must be the more responsible one and the taskmaster. She makes her children do their homework, eat their peas, and turn off the television. Occasionally, they resent her for this fact, versus Woody and his musician friends, who take the roles and identities of being the freewheeling figures in the children’s lives who don’t enforce rules. By holding onto rules and demanding that her children eat reasonable diets and turn in their homework, Carolyn communicates her desire for normalcy and her desire that her children have a future beyond that of their impoverished surroundings. Woody, on the other hand, can only focus upon himself.

Essay on Crooklyn Film: Interpersonal Communication Assignment

Crooklyn: Interpersonal and Family Communications AnalysisEventually, of course, the family dynamic is disrupted through tragedy, when Carolyn dies of cancer. The children abruptly begin to appreciate what their mother sacrificed so they could be happy. They also begin to appreciate the extent to which she was a force of stability in their lives. When Troy leaves home to stay with her wealthy relatives in the South, leaving does at first disperse the tense family dynamic, but Troy must learn the intercultural and social language of a very different region and environment. Eventually, she decides she wants to go home after trying and failing to fit in. After her mother’s death, she experiences another change when she sees her father taking on a new, more responsible role, now that Carolyn is no longer able to play the role of the rule enforcer in the home. This also causes a blurring of general roles, as Woody must show more maternal tenderness than he could in the past.

Over and over again, the film Crooklyn shows how apparently mundane incidents can take on great emotional weight because of the fraught and disturbing emotional tensions behind the conversations. Towards the very end of the film, Troy protests having to wear polyester to her mother’s funeral, saying that her mother hated the fabric. This is a show of loyalty to her mother, although she eventually listens to her father, deciding that being at the funeral is more important than making a show of defiance. Regardless, the film is a powerful demonstration of how ordinary conversations and conflicts can take on seismic importance because of the emotional weight the speakers bring to everyday… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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