Interplay of Influences and Development Essay

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Interplay Of Influences and Development in Early Childhood

Reading the International Play Association's article entitled "Promoting the child's right to play" provided a good deal of insight of the role that play facilitated within my own childhood development, especially since there are so many variations of the importance ascribed to this phenomenon (Lester and Russell, 2010, p. 7). This article is intriguing because it provides a history and the overall objectives of an organization which recognizes the fact that play is not just a need, but a right of children (Fronczek, 2004). The article entails the fact that this organization (the International Play Association) was formed in Scandinavia in the years preceding World War II. It was initially created to address the fact that there are barriers to play -- which are always increasing. It quickly spread throughout the rest of the world and includes not only nationwide conferences but the publication of a journal and a website. Additionally, some of the crucial tenets of this organization are included in the United Nations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which includes the fact that playing allows children a means of cultural and artistic expression that is vital to their development. Today, the organization exists to continuously address barriers to playing and enabling children to contextualize the world around them.

There is one extremely salient point in this article that deepens my understanding g of the value of play in the life of a child -- and which inherently impacts the way in which that child grows up and matures. Playing, whether indoors or outdoors, is a means by which children can fuse their imagination with their physical surroundings and envision an ideal setting in which they can live. The subsequent quotation from the aforementioned IPA article alludes to this fact, "play is not only about providing safe playgrounds for children. It is fundamentally about protecting their right to be free to explore and discover the physical and social world around them (Fronczek, 2004).

Therefore, this perspective helps me to understand that some of the ideas which I explored while playing with others has significantly affected my own development -- first as a child and now as an adult. I engaged in several different varieties of playing when I was… [END OF PREVIEW]

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