Interpretation of Specific Works of Art Essay

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¶ … works of Art

The Hallucinogenic Toreador is an oil painting and as indicated on its footnote description was painted between the years 1968-1970 by Salvador Dali while taking care of the canons of his understanding of surrealist thought. Currently this piece of art is exhibited at Salvador Dali Museum found in St. Petersburg in Florida.

Elements and principles of design in the painting

Elements of art are the things which are most visuals in the particular artwork. There are various formal elements of art that the artists used in his artwork. They include; color, this entails the visual and perpetual property that is found within an image. The intensity, purity, strength and depth of the colors used in a painting immensely contribute to the feel and purpose of the painting. For instance Dali used warm and inviting colors in his painting. These colors draw viewers into the painting. The right side of the painting comprises of warm colors ranging from pink to orange at the top extending to a red cloth which is draped around the waist of Venus de Milo.

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Another element of art that is visibly used in this painting is shape. Shape is described by anatomy, contour and configuration of the objects. The painting has various images that are in repetition. In such a painting whereby one can make little sense out of it, the repetition of images that can be recognized creates an anchor which the viewers can embrace. This is even when they are not quite aware of t6he reason for the repetition. The image combines the use of versatile images as an illustration of the artistic creation of the artist. Dali mastered the art of hiding images in his work. For instance, the bust and torso of Venus clad in white and green comprise the toreador's face. Another hidden image is the shadow under her left breast which was also his nose's shadow as seen on the display.

TOPIC: Essay on Interpretation of Specific Works of Art Assignment

Value is another formal element of art that has been used in this painting. Value refers to the specific tone of color that has been used for the emphasis and accentualization of the particular artwork the brightness of the painting has been balanced in such a way that there is a skillful use of shadings and colors.

Principles are concepts which are used during the organization and arrangement of structural elements of design in a piece of art. The manner in which these principles are applied has an effect on the expressive content or even the message the artwork is intended to portray. Balance is the concept of visual equilibrium that relates to the physical sense of balance. Balance in artwork is achieved in asymmetrical and symmetrical ways. The images within the painting are properly balanced in both symmetrical and asymmetrical ways. The finishing of the image is so good such that anyone observing it fails to notice the double image quality that is found in the artwork.

Proportion refers to the relative scale and size of various elements in design. Proportion is discussed in light of concept, standard that has been used in the determination of proportions. The proportions in this painting are extraordinary; measuring that is 4 by 3 meters. The painting is huge and therefore it creates a very strong impact of presence to anyone that views it.

Emphasis refers to the bringing of dominance and subordination in a painting. There can be domination of objects, colors or shapes over a picture through taking up more space or being more heavy in terms of may also be reflected by the use of darker colors compared to subordinate colors, objects or images. This is seen through the images in the painting which are outlined in a yellow or orange color which is fiery. There are also some portions that appear as being enveloped in a misty, cooler tone containing yellows, reds and oranges that counter the coolness of the light bluish-purple haze.


The media used in this artwork is oil painting on canvas. The technique used is paranoiac-critical method. The oil paint used was got through mixing pigments that contain color with oil. Further shades were obtained through mixing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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