Intersect Gap Analysis Term Paper

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Intersect Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments

The current research is the study of management problems which occurred in company which decided to transform its operation practices after 15 years of successful their implementation. The first part is devoted to stating major gaps between company vision and current state, then singling out potential ethical conflicts in the stakeholder groups, and as the result, the paper presents several urgent end goals for the company.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The company is currently aiming to change its' business model operations as due to numerous research, the company top management believes that in their business it will be more optimal to increase each customer's loyalty which will translate into higher profits. This approach contradicts to that previously implemented within the company approach of trying to reach out as many clients as possible by sales people making more and more reach out calls, while not fixing the clients loyalty and thus selling more and more of company products to them. This is the first problem which has occurred in the organization and which was the reason for which the previous Executive Vice President on Sales and Marketing was laid off: he did not agree with this new business approach to increase revenues. Together with him, some other top managers and lower level employees did not agree with this approach and the company turnover rates have increased drastically.

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This misalignment of the strategy and actions of the top management, and not devotion of all top executives to the strategy implementation is a big disadvantage and this issue must be solved in order to implement this transformation. One of the main principles to successful transforms a company or organization, is to have the full understanding of all the members of the team of the reasons and ways in which to achieve it, the members must decide to transform the company.

Term Paper on Intersect Gap Analysis Assignment

Another problem in the past which is still causing problems in successful company operations currently, is the long-term established corporate culture and resistance of the staff at different level to change. Nevertheless, there are ways to change and shift this situation to meet the company long-term and short-term goals. Other issues raised and pointed at assessment of employees attitude to the situation within the company, is lack of communication between the departments and understanding by each of them of their precise role in the whole corporate mechanism, and how each of them is interrelated to all the others. The management must be devoted to establishing more understanding of the business model, and the opportunity exists to do so within the business shift model: to involve different departments more in mutual cooperation and precisely work out system of communication between them.

Issue and Opportunity Identification



Reference to Specific

Course Concept

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The top management of the company did not translate to all the managers and employees of the company the necessity to shift the company business model and sales approach, neither did they explain the possible gains from this shift.

This creates situation in which the vision of some top managers is different from that of the others, and their day-to-day actions are not aligned with the vision and company strategy, which are the key points for successful strategy implementation.

The top management must clearly state the reasons for this business model shift, gains to be achieved from this, and ways in which to achieve this. The top management must ensure to the employees of all levels that top management clearly understands the reasons for the goal, the objective itself and roots to get there, and the top management will help all the employees to adapt and also follow this root. This must be circulated to the employees of all the levels to facilitate the shift.

Successful strategy implementation

Long established corporate culture, believes and the nature the company works, integrated during the course of the last 15 years are difficult to change in such a short-term as 12 months as almost all the employees must change their working attitudes which is time consuming.

From the nearest future, the top management must organize several seminars, workshops to help the staff understand better the new functions expected from them and ways in which to carry them out better.


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