Interview Reflections Was Still Working Thesis

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¶ … Interview Reflections

Was still working as she spoke calmly to me, slowly answering every question with calculated, yet strangely real and humble responses to my infiltrating questions. She sat there, sewing, like almost everyday of her existence, with no retirement in sight. I first personally came into contact with her when a younger cousin of mine had begun working with the small, yet vibrant, designer line about a year ago. My cousin, a dear friend of mine, who had been studying fashion design, had begun telling me about ____ the very first day she met this amazingly resilient woman. The sheer devotion she embodies always made me respect __ more than any other older adult I had ever met.

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This 72 two-year immigrant and business owner still works an average of 16 hours a day. Originally born in a small town in Thailand, __ moved to the United States when she was 27 years old. She was the only one of her nine brothers and sisters to leave Thailand, but always attends their family reunion in Thailand every year. Since being in the U.S., __ has learned to speak five languages through schooling and working within the fashion industry. She attended a trade school the very first year she arrived in the states, studying English and Business. Personally, I understand how her cultural values do not always match up to the traditional American view of life. Coming from a Latino community, I understand her strong connection to family, as well as hard work. As a woman married for 54 years, she embodies the traditional female role in an Asian community, matched with being the bread winner of the family thanks to all of her hard work. On top of the long hours she spends sewing away for her own business, she has always been caretaker of the household for her husband and son. She is the strongest, most patient women I have ever met.

TOPIC: Thesis on Interview Reflections Was Still Working as She Assignment

This was the major reason I chose her for the focus of this assignment. She and I share a similar cultural identity. Although she comes from a much farther eastern community, the traditional Mexican values I was personally raised with mirrors the strong family connection which is so important to the values I treasure most. ____'s sheer ambition and work ethic was another reason I chose her for an in depth interview. The woman never plans on taking her retirement. Although her son is planning on taking over her business, she still maintains all of her responsibilities, despite the fact she has Type II Diabetes. Despite her health, she still works, 16 hours a day, almost 6 days a week every week, and never complains. She is truly a unique creature.

In regards to her strong personality yet humble personality, I prepared the interview in a very colloquial manner with the understanding that this method would make her working spirit feel more at ease, and then answer the questions with not only truth, but honor. I prepared the assigned questions in a manner which would make her proud of her answers, for she has worked hard enough to gather any praise for her efforts. I also incorporated my own importance of family values and the incredible satisfaction one has acting on behalf of one's family. This technique ensured a more comforting and relaxing experience which would make her feel more comfortable with the intimate nature of the questions I was assigned to ask her. As a fellow minority within larger American society, I understood the differences of work ethic and general family sentiments she held over a traditional American housewife.

Cantana Pho proved a very cooperative and easy going interviewee. If given the chance to interview again, I would jump on the chance. During the time allocated for the interview, both she and I noticed that the time spent felt more like a gossip session than a formal interview. She not only answered by questions with humility and cheerfulness, but she always set out to include me in the dialogue as if it were a pure conversation between two old friends. I never once felt as though I was interviewing __, but rather that we had not spoken enough in the past. Anytime one comes across a subject so dedicate to her family and her religion, one can't help but feel comfortable within a normally awkward situation.

Although Cantana and I come from very different communities on a global scale, we actually shared much more values than I had originally imagined us to share. She represents an outstanding member of the Asian community, which is only exemplified by the fact that she is a female. She cares for her family, not only financially, but also emotionally and domestically. Her recent illness with Diabetes has opened her eyes to exactly how important family is in one's life. This, Cantana says, is the most important aspect of any person's life. Yet, she is the first to say that family is also heavily taken for granted when one lives in such a family oriented environment. Both the environment I grew up in and the one she portrayed so vividly represent a strong family tie, yet with the practicality of making a living within the context of American life. My background also represents a heavy reliance on hard work and an excellent professional work ethic. I believe that both of our cultural upbringings taught deep within us the common practicality so needed within a capitalist society, as well as the importance of honoring ones foundations through strong family connections.

Such a strong reliance on family ties only breeds such strong devotion for the well being of future generations. When asked what Cantana thought her greatest achievement was, she responded with one single word -- her son. She has worked endlessly throughout her life to prepare her for her role as a wife and mother, working almost entirely seven day weeks for most of her career; most of those days being 16 to 18-hour days. The fact that her son is now old enough, and smart enough, to take over her role as caretaker of the family business is one of her greatest joys. In an Asian community, a first born son is traditionally honored. Her first baby being a boy was obviously a huge impact on her life and her work ethic; she had to secure a good fortune for her future generations. This only strengthened as time went on and she began to truly see the fruits of her labor. The day her son graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree was the happiest moment she could describe to me during our time together -- with his marriage to a wonderful woman coming in as a close second. Having grown up with nine brothers and sisters, her family ties go deep; it is the greatest joy of hers to see her family thrive and continue on her own Thai traditions she holds so dearly. As a Buddhist, this exemplifies her commitment to those around her beyond herself. Despite her illness, she still continues to work long hours and endless days in order to ensure the survival and well being of her family.

After having spoken to Cantana for a while, I asked her this question knowing the answer already. The way she spoke about her family, and especially her son throughout out conversation, I knew where her heart lies. Therefore, in approaching asking the question of what her greatest contribution, I already had an idea that the answer was going to be her son. This then allowed me to prepare for follow up questions which would further specify her one word answer. Slowly, with the answers of these following questions, I got a clearer picture of who… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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