Interview With Social Worker Term Paper

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Social Worker

Social work:

Introduction to the profession and applications in an agency setting

Social work has traditionally been defined as one of the 'caring' professions. Social workers can serve clients in a variety of settings, spanning from government agencies to private organizations. The profession draws upon psychological and interpersonal skills. It also requires biological knowledge of the processes of aging and mental and physical illnesses. The National Association of Social Workers defines the profession's duties as restoring the individual client to a state of mutually beneficial interaction with society, satisfying human needs, and bolstering human strengths.

Social work is a practical profession, even though it is based around abstract ideals of service. For example, social workers would largely agree that all human beings have universal, motivational, personal development, life tasks, and identity development needs. But on a specific level, satisfying such needs might require a teen to be placed in foster care, to ensure his or her physiological needs were being met, and to ensure that he or she was placed in a safe environment that fostered appropriate social relationships with peers and adults.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Interview With Social Worker Assignment

Social welfare has been conceptualized within the framework of the modern nation-state as something provided by state institutions, particularly to those individuals in need of support because of social circumstances such as poverty, poor health, and psychological trauma. However, social workers can serve a wide variety of populations, in a wide variety of settings spanning from public welfare, health systems, schools, corrections, to family services. They may offer a support for clients, or they may engage in a more intense and proactive intervention within certain circumstances, such as instances abuse or when individuals are suffering serious deficits in regards to their ability to obtain a decent quality of life. Social workers may help counsel prisoners about to transition from incarceration back to the 'real world,' they may help parents with students with special needs find appropriate services for their children; they may help the elderly in nursing homes. The poor, the young, the old, individuals undergoing life transitions are only some of the many groups aided by social workers.


The Victory Memorial Hospital, located at 699 92nd street, Brooklyn, NY 11228, provides a (PCAP) Prenatal Care Assistance Program through the OB-GYN department for low-income women of a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The women are identified as having high-risk pregnancies because of their social circumstances -- most are poor, some are homeless. Many have a history of suffering sexual and physical victimization and/or problems with mental illness and substance abuse. They also suffer a wide array of health complications stemming from their mental and social afflictions.

Women choose to apply for the program and then undergo an interview with a social worker for a preliminary psychosocial assessment. The assessment is comprehensive and includes the reviewing woman's history of mental and emotional problems; physical and mental abuse by parents, spouses or others; financial status and past occupationally-related difficulties; marital status; level of education; family arrangements; and current occupational status.

The social worker determines the needed interventions to improve the prognosis for a healthy pregnancy. The social worker is given great flexibility within the program and can direct the client, based upon the pregnant woman's needs, to participating mental health clinics, governmental offices, substance abuse prevention programs, homeless shelters, and agencies specializing in services for women and children.

Social workers are used to assess the women's condition for risk factors associated with certain social indicators, to provide counseling, and to engage in a holistic assessment of health and safety promotion for the mother and child. Because the women's physical health is linked to her social and psychological health (and vice versa), the social worker collaborates with the medical staff supervising the woman's pregnancy, and tries to ensure that the mother receives appropriate prenatal care.

The approach of the program is multidisciplinary in nature, involving a coordinated team effort of medical professionals and social workers. A typical team consists of OB-GYM doctors; head nurses or program manager (PCAP coordinator); two regular RNs; registrars; medical assistance staff; the social worker; a nutritionist, and sonogram technician. This comprehensive service delivery model is essential to treating all of the various components of a woman's life that contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

Interview with a social worker

The social worker I interviewed stressed the difficult and demanding nature of the profession, including her need to be mindful of ethical… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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