Interviewing an HR Manager Interview

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Human Resources Professional Interview Analysis

General Perspective of Human Resources and Conceptual Changes in the Field

According to the interview subject, human resource functions are no longer maintained as separate departments responsible only for processing payroll and employee transitions into and out of the organizations. Today, most organizations regard Human Resources as important components capable of adding value to organizations in crucial ways. Business organizations have realized that maximizing employee retention and minimizing employee turnover are critical to reducing overhead costs because of the cost of training new hires and because of the lost productivity during the transition. Today, Human Resources departments are perceived as playing important roles in that regard because they represent the first opportunity for business organizations to hire employees who are more likely to stay with their employers for the long-term and to add value to their operations.

The Integration of Human Resources into Organizations

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In the past, Human Resources operated very independently from other organizational functions. In some cases, they recruited and hired new employees just on the basis of standardized requests from other departments but without any further input from operations. In other cases, the opposite was true: namely, operations controlled all the meaningful elements of hiring, including the identification of specific candidates for consideration, selections from candidate pools, and even negotiating compensation packages. By the time Human Resources got involved, the role of that department was little more than merely processing the paperwork for hiring decisions made by departmental managers.

Contemporary Hiring Processes

TOPIC: Interview on Interviewing an HR Manager Assignment

The modern approach to Human Resources integrates the entire process of recruitment, hiring, and new-hire training and coordinates the continual collaboration and involvement of operational departments with the Human Resources departments. Typically, the needs of the organization are determined by teams that include personnel from operational departments and Human Resources, such as where operational managers communicate their specific needs directly to Human Resources personnel to ensure that their hiring criteria are employed throughout the hiring process.

Operational managers provide detailed job specifications and descriptions of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a successful candidate for the open position must demonstrate to maximize the likelihood of success in the organization and to minimize the chances that the organization will have to fill the same position again shortly. In that regard, operations management is also involved in providing the necessary information to assist Human Resources in developing recruitment strategies to attract the types… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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