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This is not possible when developing any new system. The persons who are to use the system will also find it very easy to use as the methods of logging in are very easy and it will not require individuals to go through a separate process of logging in for getting into the intranet. The system also provides for the change of new passwords so that individuals can change their passwords as per their requirement. Most of the requirements within the intranet are already made available in this system.

There are 22 such applications and that includes Form Builder which is used very often. When desired, new items can be built into the menu and these menus may be outside the menu that is provided with the system. The desired software for adding on may be third party software, the software that have been developed specifically for our requirements, as also general links to popular sites by users of computers within the intranet. At the same time, there are provisions for being able to control who can access these sites from the organization. Another advantage of this system is full text searching capability and this exists already within the product and can be easily implemented. There are also no requirements for training of users and simple publishing forms and direct interface have been designed for users. (Intranet Software Benefits)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Intranet Development Some Organizations Are Assignment

The departmental heads can be kept happy as there can be departmental home pages which may be accessed by limited numbers. The original design of the departmental home page can be created from the facilities available within the software. There are different methods for navigation and the content boxes are not limited in size. The software can also take in different applications and some of them may even be stand alone applications. The intranet permits easy development through creation of unlimited application categories. The different departments can be given areas named in a manner to satisfy them and customization of the site as per their requirement. Even the name of the intranet, application names and field names can be changed to suit the requirements of the organization. The contents within the intranet can be stored in archives as it may be required at later dates, and still there are methods within this intranet system to have it searchable. (Intranet Software Benefits)

Where the systems of different individuals within the organization have different searching systems, Internet Explorer or Netscape, the intranet permits searches on both systems. The contents of different areas can be managed by departmental heads and this assignment of certain users or groups for this purpose is quite easy in this system. The system does not require much of administration and thus the party can concentrate on development within the intranet instead of developing the intranet. This is also the reason why the site has been made simple to use as there is no expectation for the administrator to be a computer expert. At the same time, the level of desired security can be decided by the owners and users of the site after it has been purchased for application.

To make it easy for the users, there are also provisions for changing languages and even the wording in the site can be changed to the desired language. When anything is new, it can be advertised on the intranet home page. The licensing procedures for the entire system are also simple and there is only one cost, irrespective of the number of users. The system can also be changed in a manner so that the environment for the users may be more like and extranet and not an intranet. The system is being used by customers who have 20 users or even up to 5000 users. This makes it certain that the system is adaptable for the requirements of the organization. When there are troubles, it would be possible also to get online help for the system for both users and administrators. (Intranet Software Benefits) The name of the brand is Intranet Connections.

It is clear that this system is much easier to use than start setting up an Intranet system for the organization. The facilities to be provided by the Intranet System are being mentioned clearly even before the system is being started on. This is impossible when a system is developed as the developer will first have to understand the organization and then get into developing the system. That method was useful when there was a shortage in terms of processing speed, storage capacity, working volumes and other related materials. The world has changed and today even the home computers have volumes which were much larger than what the systems for organizations used to have earlier. Thus even if the method of working, or the logic is not the best that should be used, the work will get done by the system. The user will not be able to find out the difference as the work is being done at a very high speed. Users do not realize the differences in terms of nanoseconds when they are working.

Charges of Intranet Connections:

The organization is a licensed reseller for Macromedia ColdFusion and they are able to provide Intranet connections with Cold fusion MX for $5,975 and for other systems without Cold Fusion MX the charges are $5,500. There is no limit on the number of users, and the cost is to be paid only once. This also includes the cost of maintenance for the first year, and in subsequent years, the charges will be $900 a year. (Pricing) This is for providing the software.

What is Macromedia ColdFusion?

Macromedia had released the new version of the ColdFusion MX7, which was earlier called Blackstone, was released in February of the current year. The new system uses Java J2EE 1.4 and permits the linking up of mobile phones using short messaging services or SMS text messages with the regular Web based instant messaging users. The addition of SMS improves two-way interactions with machines, and enables banks to offer customers the ability to query balances, or check large transactions, including the transfer of funds or stop payment on a check, with the release of only an SMS over a current edition cell phone. This used to require letters or fax messages earlier and thus is making operations easier. Macromedia has been trying to extend its bread-and-butter Flash software to develop the mobile environments. Samsung and T-Mobile have already announced their partnerships with the company and agreed to include Flash Lite 1.1 in their respective handsets. (Singer, 2005)

ColdFusion MX 7 also takes care of all the same APIs as in the earlier versions and matches all security authentications: LDAP servers, Microsoft security services, and Java security services. ColdFusion can run either as a standalone application server or with other J2EE application servers, inclusive of IBM's WebSphere, Macromedia JRun, and BEA's WebLogic. The platform has an open architecture and that permit it to deliver applications on Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms. The software comes in two editions. The Standard Edition has two CPUs for $1,299 except for event gateways. The Enterprise Edition includes two CPUs for $5,999. Upgrading from previous versions costs $2,999 for the Enterprise and $649 for Standard. (Singer, 2005)

Macromedia ColdFusion connections:

Macromedia has certain Alliance partners and one of the partners is Enquiries to them should be directed to -- . As a partner for Macromedia Hosting they offer a full range of Coldfusion hosting. (ColdFusion MX 7 and ColdFusion MX 6.1 Hosting) On joining them, the Coldfusion application would be redundantly connected to Internet through 100 Mbps Ethernet connections with fail safe circuits and provide the optimal speed to the website. The packages with them are ColdFusion MX Enterprise with space from 25 MB or more, through either Linux or Windows as chosen, ODBC database connection, MYSQL is included as standard based on Linux, SQL server option is provided, sandbox security is provided for all applications, restricted tags are permitted like CFDirectory, CFContent, CFFile, CFObject and CFFtp; online control panel is provided as also Pop3 mail, e-mail forwarding, Web Mail, E-mail Virus Scanning option and Graphical web statistics. (Firstserv hosting solutions)

This organization has hosting servers running exclusively on Enterprise edition of ColdFusion MX 7 which system is believed to be superior to the Standard edition of the same software which is being run by other companies. The advantages are defined as sandbox security, multi-threaded business report, PDF/Flash paper generation, event gateways and support of enterprise database drivers like Oracle and Sybase. The ColdFusion hosting is available in this organization based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The space required for storage based on the 3 models of CF50, CF150 and CF300 are 50MB, 150MB and 300MB. The permitted data transfers are 2 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB. The permitted POP 3 e-mail… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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