Intravenous Therapy or IV Fluids Essay

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A medical assistant in an outpatient department of a hospital or another health facility may be permitted to perform other tasks surrounding IV therapy (Keir 2006). She may be asked to set up the IV therapy equipment, initiate it, monitor the patient on the therapy, discontinue it, or teach the patient about the therapy. In the interest of her profession, she should be updated with State laws and facility protocol about her role. In setting the equipment up, she should make sure that the drug and dosage and the equipment are correct. When she inserts an IV, she must observe stringent hygienic measures. She should perform the procedure competently before she actually carries it out. She should review the signs and symptoms of complications when monitoring another patient on the therapy. If she is ordered to discontinue the therapy, she should make sure she applies pressure to stop the bleeding and apply standard precautionary measures. She should be knowledgeable about the reasons for therapy in transmitting that knowledge to the patient about IV therapy and the procedure involved. She must remember that the patient is a human being with psychosocial needs. In addition to her skills and tasks, she should be able to educate and comfort the person according to his or her personal and special circumstances and needs, such as those of older persons and children (Keir).

Statistics show that employment for medical assistants is predicted to increase faster and is the fastest growing occupation (Keir 2006). #

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TOPIC: Essay on Intravenous Therapy or IV Fluids Assignment

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