Introducing a Pet-Feeding Device for Dogs Marketing Plan

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Figure 1. Lentek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish


Three competitors that offer some type of automatic pet food dispensers are described in Table 2 below.

Table 2

Current automatic pet food dispenser vendors



Lentek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish ( / Lentek-6-Day-Automatic-Pet-Dish/dp/B00006JHRE)

* Automatic six-day pet dish ideal during week-long vacations

* Selectable feeding intervals of 6, 12 or 24 hours

* Each compartment holds 2/3 cup dry or 5-1/2 ounces wet food

* Accurate timer; lid rotation stops if resistance is felt

* Includes removable lid and two inserts; uses one 9-volt battery.

PetSafe Eatwell Automatic Pet Feeder (

* 5-compartment dish for meals up to 5 days with a portion size of 1 cup each.

* Rotating serving dish brings food to pet.

* Electronic timer allows you to set the times each new meal is presented.

* Dishwasher-safe food tray.

* Airtight compartments keeps food fresh.

* Electronic timer selectable to one or more meals per day.

Uses four (4) D-cell batteries (not included).

4 Meals Tray Automatic Pet Feeder Electronic Programmable Dry/Wet Food Dog Cat Feeder w / LCD display

* Record a personal message for your pet

* Built in clock with easy to read LCD

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* User programmable feeding times

* 4 Separate large food trays, prefect for dry or wet pet food.

* Keeps pets on a regular feeding schedule


Marketing Strategy

Caninantics intends to begin marketing Pooch Pantry and then branching into other canine accessories by the end of the year.



The start-up costs for the venture will come from the following sources:


Marketing Plan on Introducing a Pet-Feeding Device for Dogs Assignment

Owner/operator/inventor funding from savings:






Bank loan:




It is important for start-ups such as Caninantics to have formal internal controls in place to ensure that their organizational strategies remain closely aligned with their mission, values and goals (Adler, 2009).


Adler, J. (2009, December 2). Start-ups, too dependent on realty, swell failures. American Banker, 173(231), 1.

Facts about pet ownership. (2014). American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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